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Nov 21, 2017
3/11/17 TODAY POVERTY ....tomorrow miseries, what needed? (DRAFT)

3/11/17 TODAY POVERTY ....tomorrow miseries, what needed? (DRAFT)

I was born to a "poor" society in the 1960s. In those days, poverty was never a great issue. Though we were poor, we have enough, plenty indeed. We have no issue of homeless. There are plenty of opportunities to build homes all over. There was no issue of we can't find a site to build home. There were plenty of building materials around. There was no issue of we don't have enough food. Food were abundant all over. The forest, the river, the sea all over have stock of good foods. Definitely we don't have the finest clothing, but we were never dressless. There are abundant cheap but long lasting kain belacu and kasa clothing materials around. No doubt, there are incidences of bad health. I used to have malaria and real hot fever, but there were always ways and means among the local to resolve the matter. There were abundant herbal and traditional medicine knowledge among us. Sickness normally can be managed quite easily. We then even enjoy lots of holidays, we have so much free entertainments. Almost anything surrounding us were matters to be enjoyed. The flood, the fire, the forest, the rivers, all sort were element of excitement. There were no issue of lack of entertainment. Education and skills development were also of no issues. We can have good great education from our elders. Every evening our homes were packed with kids learning on how to recited Al Quran. Formal British-based education was also quite available. Even the elders would gather around to learn so many Islamic culture and tradition. Our parents were great skill developers. They taught us on how to survive and their lives were a real showpiece on how to live to a good great society. Safety and security were also not the main issue. People worked together to provide safety and security. Our lives in those days indeed was very peaceful and harmony. At times of needs and miseries,  no one will abandon us. All will came in handy to our needs. Thus the so called poverty in 1960s, at least in my Kampung and Simunjan district, was not a bad thing. I indeed feel blessed for being poor originally. Our environment nature despite being seen cruel at those time, but to me those harsh nature had turned many to be great except many are not thankful.

(2) Let me term, the 1960s and before as Yesterday Poverty. Yesterday poverty, if so exist, indeed it is a self inflicted, except among the handicaps. Any hardworking person will enjoy decent lives then. Everybody was endowed with great access to their basic requirement. It was a matter of will, that could take a person be either sufficient or living in poverty.

(3) Poverty in the 1940s-1960s indeed had given birth to many great guys. Most of the Malaysian great guys in the 1970-90s were the descendant of the then poor. In the Islamic Renaissance in year 610, indeed poverty had given birth to many great people such as Muhammad SAW, Umar Al Khataab, Ali Abi Thalib, and even Umar Abdul Aziz and many other great Islamic scholars. But today, as I see and feel it, poverty will be a very scary issue. In Islam, I began to appreciate Allah the Al Mighty great wisdom to document poverty as one of His prime concern in the Al Quran. In Islam, our belief, the Al Quran will only perish at the Last Day (Dome Day), thus it signifies the concern over poverty will never be something that we can proudly declared as thing of the past or what today being proclaim as zero poverty.  My interpretation of the Al Quran poverty concern is that poverty will continue to exist to the Day of Judgment (Dome Day). What its entails is that poverty will comes in different forms base on timing and circumstances. Poverty of 2010-2020 definitely will be different from poverty of 2021-2050 and so on. Indeed I can see the Al Mighty great wise of Allah, He sustains poverty to judge whom among us are piety great guys or otherwise. Adhuha is among His great Surah to remind Muslim on this.

(4) I have been going around as free person in the Country since 2012. The term free meaning I can see, feel and appreciate things around me with no certain rigid norms to govern me. I'm free to see things from a free lance perspectives. From 1986-2011, I have been seeing poverty as the issues of 1960s and thus being devising and deploying socio-economic development policies and strategies accordingly. In those days, I saw poverty as an issue of physical circumstances. In those days, people as I said in para (1), we were not really poor. We indeed are in plenty yet in miseries. We were in miseries due to the circumstances, ie nature. The nature of the day was we were lacking of infrastructures, utilities, amenities and worst unifying productive governance system. We then worked hard to provide all those, to bridge people to the new lives. But, despite there had been impressive progresses made, the efficiency of all such efforts I would say was tarnished and even failed due to rampant power abuses and corruption. Yesterday half cooked unfinished jobs, had driven to the emerging of today poverty and miseries. Let me term the prevailing poverty syndrom as Today Poverty.

(5) Before going into the today poverty let me presented to you at least my 1960s poverty in plenty's experience while we reside at Kampung Sedilo, Simunjan ie a mere 3-4 minutes drive from today Simunjan town. In those days, it took me an hour or more to walked from home to School at Kampung Kelaka, Simunjan. I need to walked through a bushy and muddy foot path, and at water tide period, I needed to swim across many streams that cut across my way to school. I remembered, in those days, we lived in a big on stilt wooden home. The roof was made of zinc. We have large sitting room and kitchen. But we have only one bedroom ie previously was my dad-mum, but as I grew up, the room became mine and my elder brother. Easily the guestroom could accommodate 60-70 people at any time. At today standard, our home, probably is a bungalow. At anytime, we always had guests from either our relatives and friends side from down river of Batang Sadong or even dad's Iban friends from Sadong upriver. We never missed to have guests coming from many places year through. All of our guests were not well-to-do people. Most of us were at par, socio-economically. They came by sampan and sometimes we visited them also on sampan. Definitely some were much poorer then us. My family had no problem to accept and host lots of them. We shared whatever we had. I love rearing kampung fowls. I enjoyed sharing roasting them with our guests. My dad and mom loved farming and gardening. We shared whatever we harvested or planted with so many friends of passers by. Our grand parents loved fishing. We have plenty of fresh and salt water fishes especially prawn to share. Our spirit was sharing. Other neighbors were similar in nature.  Not only we shared foods and goods, but to certain extend, neighbors won't mind to help taking care of their neighbors' children. Baby sitting had never being an issue. In essence, we have plenty, we shared, we have no problem of sharing of what we have then. In 1960s, at least to my observation and experienced, we were 'poor' people with full of affection to our surrounding population. We care to care for the others it the true sense of caring. Most accept no reward. Just watch this Malay movie Nujum Pak Belalang as a depiction on how people of yesterday resolve their poverty issues

(6) Interestingly, yesterday poverty had giving birth to today 'prosperity and success' through the development of high level of humanity values. Yesterday poverty had birth lots of hard working, diligent, smart and societal concern guys. The issue now at hand is the sustainability of such values. The spirit of obligatory caring, I doubt is sustaining what more to say flourishing.

(7) In the 1960s, our poverty level, thought not explicitly said so, indeed was a phenomena of poverty in plenty except with least or no monetary value. In those day, we see wealth not in the real monetary term. Wealth mostly measured by of one's having and generosity. Definitely even in yesterday, there were some exceptional stingy people, but in general the successful some were very generous. They were generous for their success was attributed to the support of the many. Vis: the yesterday Village Head was normally a very successful and generous person. He made to the ladder of leadership for the helped of many and he never forgotten to return their support. In those day, personally I enjoyed or felt honored to be poor for being poor then we were indeed very happy and really enjoying great living values. The 1960s poverty gave us sense of values and respect. Most importantly, yesterday poverty took us closer to Allah. We then had greater faith in Allah. Allah then made us better survivor, better human being, at higher humanity values. We then always bersyukur.

(8) Today, in this Country, I began to observed and sense, a different kind of poverty.  The profiles, causes and effects are totally scary and different from the 1960s. Nonetheless, cynically I could equalize the  1960s and today poverty were the caused of situational. In the yesterday poverty the situational factor was nature, yet in today poverty, the key contributing factor remains as a factor of 'nature' as well. But yesterday nature and today's, I dare to say, the yesterday was Allah made nature, yet today is made by the hands of Allah-made factor. In the simplest sense, today poverty is man-made phenomena. In the words of Nelson Mandela, today poverty is the result of injustice deed of man.  It took among the most victimized men, to say in a way such to be truly understood by today men especially their caliphs, yet I doubt they understood Mandela to his deepest soul.

(9) This writing is a manifestation of my deepest worry on the fate of the Malays socio-economic standing in particular in accordance to what Islam is saying "poverty or hunger will lead people to kufur". Kufur here is not literally meaning being idolater but more moving toward deviance of honoring justice. But, definitely, on the extreme side, such kufur will lead man to hypocrisy and spreading to Islamic number one enemy ie syirik. Definitely, syirik then will lead us back to the values of Jahilliah of the 1,400 years ago Quraish of the Mecca. Thus, my particular concern of the Malays socio-economic status is by reason, in this Country, the urbanization phenomena among them is the highest. The Malays are the fastest urbanized population of the Nation. Such economic phenomena, unfortunately is happening at time of the worst national political turbulent. Politic which suppose to be the art of caring for the people, yet today politic is about abusing the people. Today's politic doesn't lead to the empowering of the people. Today's Malaysian politic doesn't fit well into the wave of the Malays urbanization process. Especially today the Malays politic will entrap them into a deeper poverty syndrome. Politically and economically, today Malays are on the loosing game.

(10) In today poverty, our poverty paradigm is of two points of direction. The first and the most dangerous is poverty of humanity. Poverty of humanity to my definition are those who care least or worst to be indifferent for his society well being. Poverty of humanity leads people to wanting to enjoy sort of unlimited personal prosperity. In the economic sense, their Utility Function is never optimizing. Their Utility Function seeming to grow by exponential rate. In the morale sense, their greed surpass their demanded fair judgment. In Islam, they are those who never bother to understand far from practicing zuhud. This humanity poverty is a norms among the few yet they are the most powerful. They made their advantages to the most disadvantages of the far majority others. They are willing to scavenging onto others, if so is the best way to take all for themselves. To them, their today existence is thing that they must enjoy to the optimum, in excess even. There is no such thing as, caveatting today luxuries, as a saving to the best reward hereafter. Cash is the King, with cash even Heaven living can now be bought over, there's no need to wait for Hereafter. Too long awaiting. This group of pure capitalist theologists though small in membership, yet the culture is spreading like Hell Fire.

(11) The second one is the poor which is the resultant of the first. Their number is increasing. This group of today poor are really 180 degree different from the yesterday poor. The today poor are in the trap of affordability. They have great difficulty to even gaining affordability. They can't afford to have sufficient access to their basic needs. Their basic needs are expanding. Worst, the standard level of their basic needs had changed with the tickle of time. Today time is no more a tick of a clock, but time now is a divine digital passing. Today clock is no more the type which we can unwind, today time is the passing of the digital second. Past is past, there is no turning back. So much so, time is an essence. This second phenomena leads people to miseries. Thus, the two, as I said, is on the antagonistic points of direction. They are 180 degrees in difference course of direction and action. The co-existence of both, believe me, will take the Nation to perish. Indeed today, the parasitic existence of both is on the uprising.

(12) Corrado Gini (1912) was smart enough to come up with the Gini equation, to indicate the wild growth of the emergence of today poverty. Gini coefficient indicates Income disparity. The larger the coefficient, meaning the worst the gap. The Income gap in Malaysia is widening for the worst. The rich are fighting among themselves to be richer, while the poor are hopeless. Though there suppose to be a Pareto equation as a correction mechanism to Gini Coefficient, nonetheless it seem the Pareto concept on human satisfaction optimization seem to collapse. People never stop wanting more for more. Despite the Gini index for Malaysia had improved progressively from about 0.5 in 1960s to about 0.4 in 2000s. For about 40 years struggled, we only managed to reduce our Gini coefficient to 0.1 points? What a very inefficient efforts that we had made? I have a gut feeling, our Gini coefficient is now on the rising again. Nonetheless due to our economic and political structure, the Income Gap narrowing efforts though had made some progress, but such is not a reflection of improving quality of lives gap. It sound funny, in Gini sense, but such is the truth. We are nothing better to the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia. The song of "the poor becoming much poorer" is not to many concern. Most are now concern about personal gain. Gone the day of cooperation, "socialism". Cooperation in its traditional sense had collapsed. People are no more interested to succeed collectively. Sharing of success is being redefined to a mere personal joy celebration, sharing of benefit is far from today norms. Even, the hardcore Socialism and Communism in their true political concept had collapsed. Society and community are matters of the past. Sort of go to hell with the society or community, what matter is me become today survival slogan.

(13) Interestingly we are now happy for being able to extend BR1M to 6,320,769 recipients (2017), such is equal to 20 per cents of our total population ie household heads indeed. The number is growing, and indeed there are mounting demand so that the threshold of BR1M to be increased yearly. What a "socialist state" are we? Indeed I'm said to hear and see this country feel pround for being able to provide BR1M ie one-and-the only on earth! How many households are there in Malaysia. Assuming we take household size of five, therefore, there are about 6,000,000 households or household heads. Today, there sort of 1.7 per cents household under poverty in Malaysia. Thus 1.7 per cents of those should amount to about 102,000 households. This figure doesn't match with the BR1M statistic. BR1M is also given based on household. So why the different and what does it signifies?  Is our Gini coefficient really comforting? Or is our Gini being skewed for its own reason? The missed match makes thing looks really puzzling? Or is the formula which was developed in 1912 still of dynamic in nature? If not, then Gini should be revised. Equally applicable to the Pareto concept, for as far as my theological knowledge said, man in its origin, despite all the blessing awarded to him, he yet needed more and more.

(14) Today live style is about individual gain, the real adoption to the value of the survival of the fittest. Everybody almost to the greed of expanding personal gain to no limit. The theory of ideal Utility Function seem also is collapsing. Probably today Utility Function is a function of inverse ie exponential function rather an optimizing one. People are fighting to take themselves to the highest personal gain score. In so doing the man-made factors to inequality come fast coming into the game play. The worst of such is corruption. Corruption is becoming the new Malaysian public and corporate culture. Go to hell with integrity. With corruption as the best mean to succeed, there then come the factors of abused of authorities, cronyism and nepotism. Indeed the worst humanity sickness is greed. But in the Islamic sense, the worst is riak or show off. Riak or show off character is strongly associated with the liking to ego massaging. Thus, to me riak indeed is closer to egoism in its social sense. Psychologically, Islam indeed had definitely identified the true root cause of humanity issue ie riak. If ones is having the character of riak, egoism indeed he will take by all means to honor his riak, egoism. It is nothing difficult to see the strong correlation of riak, egoism to the habit of corruption, cronyism and nepotism.

(14b) A depiction of riak, egoism not too difficult to comprehend. Say two neighbors. Both were good friends. Both worked hard and succeed to their own level. As time past by, both have lesser time to meet and befriend as in the past. Time changed their way of lives. Slowly, without conscious, they began to develope a friendship barrier. Over time it then turned to distancing or worst sense of inferior or superior. That is there then riak, egoism crop in. Their past struggle for the community may now turned to be nothing-but-me-myself. Their success is no more a matter to be shared, but now being seen as their personal achievement, a reward of their great intelligent and hard works. The factor of Allah's attributes is diminishing. In the Islamic sense, wealth, kids and or wife changed a person from being humble to riak, egoism. Thereon his struggle for myself will never stop. Society or the miseries of the others is not his concern. His everyday lives is about how much the best must he made for himself. This kind of personality is growing in the Malaysian societies, all but nothing, for they did not comprehend well their pledge of their Syahadah

(12) In today living environment, everything is easily monetized. There is monetary value to almost anything and everything. Even there is value to urinate. There is no more such as free urinating place. In the club of GST-based nations, there is nothing that could be enjoyed as free. All are taxed, either direct or indirectly. People Income are viciously discounted along their longer chain of goods and service exchange lines, yet their saving is not generating favorable gains........

(8) Islam, as a society, it is paramount that they must have a caliph, leader.  . be continue, In Shaa Allah.
Nov 16, 2017
2/11/17 ISRAEL-PALESTINE CONFLICT .... how could Malaysia act differently to help to resolve the issue (DRAFT)

2/11/17 ISRAEL-PALESTINE CONFLICT .... how could Malaysia act differently to help to resolve the issue (DRAFT)

The world had suffered too much inflicted by the Israel-Arabs conflicts. Since it creation on 14 May, 1948 by the British, Israel has never been left to be fully in peace and harmony and accordingly for the Arabs. The worst victims were the Palestinians. The Arabs and Israel had engaged in conventional wars, and now to continue with the guerrilla style warfare. The British, and definitely the whole Europe and Russia, they by all means want Israel to exist to where it is. All of them in the past, had bloody bad experienced with the Jews. They never want the Jews to flood their states. Religiously, socially and economically, the Jews were and are not quite acceptable to the Western Cowboy and Viking-Aryan norms. The American definitely need the Israel to be weakly strong in the Middle East for strategic economic, military and political reasons. Europe, Russia, Australia, and America had great belief, they had found the Jews to their fullest advantages by keeping the State of Israel to where it is ie in the Palestine. Asia, Africa, and South America, I would say, most are behaving to their situational economic and political interest over the matter.

(2) There was no crisis that had dragged the world or region to great and longing catastrophe. The Jews from day one of their existence, I would say is a 'nation' that exist at the mercy and exploitation of others. Israel-Arabs conflict I would say is the only long lasting conflict that the world is sustaining. The Middle East, the Islamic world and the world in general had been badly affected by the conflict direct or indirectly. Thus I have a strong conviction, a peaceful and harmony living of the Israel and Palestine is paramount to a great prosperity to the whole world. In the old days, the symbiosis of Arabs Egyptian and Jews took them to great prosperity. Once either one began to dominate the others, chaotic came knocking them leveled to ground. This writing is intended for me to layout small thinking for the process.

(3) Today Jews can be categorized into three main groups. First the Zionist. The group was founded by Theodor Herzl through his book Der Judestaat in 1896. This is a group formed and founded at times of Jewish diaspora in Europe in the 19th century. Due to the antisemitic movement in Europe and Russia, nurtured the Nationalist movement among them to come back and reestablished themselves at their homeland in Jerusalem which then was under the conquest of the Ottoman Empire. Basically they are the minority Nationalist and
yet they are the Godfather to the overall Jews. They raised themselves to be the savior, messiah of the Jews. Secondly, mostly I would say are the majority modern Jews all over the world and even in Israel. Most of them are in America and European big cities. These are the common new world citizen. Race, State and religion are not their main concern. They love to live in this world just as others are enjoying themselves. They are looking forward to good great living. The third group are the Orthodox. These are the people that are devoted to Judaism. These are the religious Jews. They do nothing but to preserve Jewish and Judaism traditions. Basically, nobody can separate the Orthodox Jews from Jerusalem. Jerusalem to them is the birth place and the ever after their resting place.

(4) For the Zionist Jews, the existence of today Israel state is a matter of their basic need to exploit the whole world with their liberal-capitalist game. They love to hid under the pretext of Free Market and borderless enterprises. The British establishment of Israel for the Jews, definitely angered the Arabs especially the Palestine whom then either being expelled or treated as third class people ie not even as the citizen. With such, turbulent is always at the door step of Israel and Arabs. Sustaining turbulent in the Middle East is a lucrative business nurturing process. It is not only about weapon and warfare logistic deals, but most important is to make the overall global market to be in great uncertainty. With the Middle East instability, meaning there will be a great world economic instability, which provide the fundamental for the good growth of speculative market development. Huge money world wide are made at times of volatile market situation. The Jews worldwide apart from being good in business, they are all over the place being denied to own fix capital especially agricultural land. Thus, the Jews are very dependent on the Zionist Jews as Godfather to their survival, for the earlier are cunning and very successful and are very wealthy business group . Thus then the Zionist Jews lures the general Jews to be on their side again by meant of religious exploitation and being Godfather. The prolong struggle over the ownership of Mount Temple is a mere pretext of the Zionist Jews to deceit the majority common and Orthodox Jews to be at bay with the Zionist in the fight for the existence and expansion of the Israel State.

(5) Historically, on this planet, by virtue of Abraham acquisition (buying) of Mt Hebron (?) then turned as a burial site for his wife Sarah, Isaac and his wife, and Jacob and wife; I could say Mt Hebron is the only piece of land that is hereditary Jews'. Thereon, even in Europe and America the Jews were denied to own any farm land. But then, Abraham was never a Jews. He came from Iraq (Terah), then move on to Canaan and only his graveyard (as per Jewish claims) is in today Jerusalem ie at Cave Machpelah. By virtue of Jacob's graveyard whom was the patriarch of the Jews is at Cave Machpelah, at Mt Hebron,  thus the Jews are claiming the whole of Jerusalem as theirs. Accordingly, since the Jewish Kingdom ie from King Solomon and King Heron were considered as the peak of the Jewish State, now based on such, the Jews especially the Zionist Jews are having the greed to claim not only Jerusalem but the areas of the former King Solomon and Herod Jewish empire as the legitimate boundary of Israel. History had proven that the empire of Solomon is not meant for the Jews only but to cover all other tribes to the north, south and even east of Hebron (then Jerusalem). Thus Jewish Empire as a State, is a State for all the people residing there and then. But unfortunately, when Israel was established in 1948, the imperialist British made it just for the Jews. The Palestine then were made stateless and never being part of Israel. They had to settle at the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem. Only on 15 September, 1988 did Yaser Arafat the President of the Palestine Liberation Army (PLO) declared a Palestine State. The United Nation only recognized Palestine as as a non-member country by 2012.

(6) In the Islamic world, the Islamic sympathy ever since 22 September 1948, especially to the Palestine miseries makes Israel their hatred subject. But then, since the Arabs had made the Palestine as their subject by right they should had immediately smartly counter established a Palestine State , of which only come to being 40 years later. The 40 years gap had turned the Palestine as the nomad of the modern Arabs. The hatred among the Arabs and Jews is not much of religious differences. But I can agree, their fundamental religious differences had been exploited from within and externally to keep them apart. For the Arabs per se, I could visualize, the similar bad feeling of the European to the Jews in 1930-40s over their Palestine brothers indeed was and is the very reason why they seem to behaving differential stands over the Palestine. The Palestinian, I could say are the Jewish Arab. They are much smarter, resilient, and much more discipline than the majority Arabs. Their much earlier association with the Babylon, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Byzantium, Persian and even Turk civilizations had made them a better Arabs. Indeed, the non-existence of a Palestine State is to the Arabs best interest, similar to the Kurdish fate. Every now and then, we will see a or groups of Arabs countries will put a show to fight for the Palestine, and yet such is nothing but to keep himself or them for their own political grip at home. A clear showpiece of the Arabs hypocrisy. There are about 12 million Palestine distributed in 29 countries worldwide. In Palestine, there are only 4.7 million while there are 2.144 million in Jordan and 1.75 million in Israel. Saudi, the richest Muslim country, accommodated only about 400,000 Palestinian.  Comparatively, there are 14.41 million Jews worldwide, with 6.5 million are in Israel and America houses about 5.7-6,8 million of them. Indeed, the West and Zionist are making a mockery of the Israel State existence, while the Arabs are turning the Palestine State into toys game play.

(7) In reality, the Jews and Arabs particularly the Palestine, they were soil brothers. They came from the same birth place the Soil of Canaan. Once, the ancestor of the Jews ie the family of Jacob (also known as Israel) was residing somewhere in Canaan (Palestine), sort of today Israel. Due to long famine, they then migrated to Egypt. The migration, one can see such as a punishment to Joseph's elder brothers cruelty or Allah answer to Jacob praying that he always wanted to be with his beloved son, Joseph. Joseph earlier own, was among the twelve sons of Jacob, but was treated badly by his other elders brothers. The other brothers due to their zealous of Jacob's over liking of Joseph had thrown him into a death well, where thereafter by the blessing of Allah Joseph was picked by a passing traders and sold to the Pharaoh palace. Thereon, he then became one of the key Minister in the Pharaoh  administration. Egypt prosper at times of Joseph-Pharaoh administration. Accordingly, the Jacob family gain lots of advantages, they breed fast and being real enterprising despite they being enslaved to the extend they began to surpass the excellent of the native Egypt. The then Pharaoh, for being so great, had lifted himself to the level of God, which contradicted to the belief of the Jacob's. The conflict then arose between the Egypt particularly the Pharaoh mainly due to jealousy, greed and as well as superstition.  An estimated about 1,000,000 Jews were then lead off Egypt by Moses AS (whom exist in 1391-1271BC) to Sinai on en route to the promised land. Archaeological excavation had indicated the establishment of Jewish State somewhere at the Jordan river in 1208-3BC.

(8) I could say, since the founding of the Jews tribe ie at even Jacob's time, the Jew had not been left in peace. There were always "chaotic" within and outside of the society. Jacob himself was facing great conflict with his own twin brother Esau due to differential treatment of their father (Isaac) and mother (Sarah). Isaac was said to favor Esau to Jacob. Sarah interference, then had developed a conflict between Jacob and Esau. The Jews everlasting conflicts, I would believe, firstly, probably as repayment of Sarah ie Abraham's elder wife vis Jacob's grandmother, zealous over Hagar ie Abraham's Egyptian wife whom gave birth to Abraham eldest son Ismael, which then made Abraham's descendants to split into two nations ie Jews and Arabs. Secondly, I would say probably due to cruelty over their own blood brother ie Joseph which amounting to betrayal to their father will for them to take good care of him. Definitely, thirdly, which I believe is the main cause, is due to the Jews deviance to Allah wishes. Since at times of Moses in Sinai, the Jews had been behaving to devoid from the true command of Allah. In the Al Quran, the Jews are being referred as those people whom love to deceit of the truth, they knew yet they hide those truth. The Jews went astray after the death of King Solomon. Even to the time of Jesus ie a bloodline of Solomon (?) they behaving worst by inflicting the worst act onto the messenger of God. They made the Roman to torture Jesus.

(9) Cruelty among the Jews themselves indeed was unbearable. Since Jacob's, the twelves brothers hardly came to term. Even at times of great distress in exodus, they loved to be distinctly twelves tribes rather a solid Jewish "nation". Thus at the times of the old day of Israel establishment, they were split into Judah and Israel. Infighting among them, either as brothers, cousins or any other relatives combination were their past way of lives. So many books had been written indicating even their priests were slaughtered, almost wiped out due to zealous and greed among themselves. Indeed it was at the mercy of the Babylon that their books were recompiled and best preserved.

(10) Historically, the Jews should have no reason to be in conflict with their Arabs brothers. Since, Abraham days, the Arabs particularly the Egyptian had been their savior. At time of hardship in Canaan, Abraham ie the grandfather of Jacob (Israel) need to take refuge to Egypt. In Egypt Allah made him to have Hagar, ie the slave lady of the Pharaoh as gift. Then with the encouragement of Sarah, Abraham took Hagar to be his second wife and thus giving birth to Ismael. Thereon, Sarah was also blessed with pregnancy despite her old age 90 years old, while Abraham was already 100 years old.  My question, will Sarah be awarded a son, if it was not due to Allah blessing for her to accept Hagar, an Arab as Abraham second wife? Could the Jews be in existence if Hagar ie the Egyptian Arabs never came to Abraham's life? Why did then Sarah was having bad feeling over Hagar and Ismael, an Arab blood? She seem not thankful to Allah blessing in the process for her to have a heir.  Accordingly, later, Sarah daughter in-law ie the wife of Isaac whose name was also Sarah was having problem with her other twin son ie Esau (brother of Jacob) by the fact that Esau was more friendly to the Canaan (Arabs). Indeed in the early history of the Jews it seem that their women were key factors in determining whom and where they'd be. Probably due to such reason, the Jewish women has been sideline in many affairs of the Jewish community. They comparatively to this day are having less freedom despite their now being westernized. Not only Abraham had to take refuge in Egypt, but Jacob ie his grandson, the founder of the Jews (or Israel) as well. All through the classical history of the Jews, Egypt had came to their rescue for many times.  At times of Roman, Byzantium, Babylon, Persian and Christian Renaissance, Jerusalem ie the Jews in particular had always been conquered and destroyed leveled to earth. But historically, it was the Arabs that always came to their savior especially the Egypt. Even in the era of the Islamic Renaissance, Saladin Al Ayyubid, the Egyptian general turned caliph had help to liberated Jerusalem from the grip of the Christian crusades. Jerusalem was always at peace at times of their association with Islam beginning from Omar Al Khataab period. But interestingly, the Arabs now became the Jews most bitter enemy, due to nothing but I believe, because of religious, political and economic exploitation from within and externally. The West indeed had successfully broke off the peaceful relationship of Jerusalem Jews and the Arabs (Islam).

(11) The promised land for the Jews, based on the Jewish history is nothing difficult to comprehend. From Terah in today Iraq Abraham migrated to live in Canaan. Since Abraham was "the father" of the Jews (and Arabs), thus they claimed Allah promised land must be the land where Abraham had spent all his lives. Such, is a simple human land claim logic and looks very reasonable. But again, when Moses was ordered to take the Jews to the promised land, they were specifically ordered firstly to fight against the Canaan idolaters before they could enter the gate of Jerusalem.  Thus by comparing theological perspective to human-made biased history, there seem to be a conflict of which exactly is the promised land. Nonetheless to my simple understanding, definitely Jerusalem has something to do with the promised land and not the Canaan (Palestine) land as a whole. My reasoning is simple, first Abraham was not originally a Jew. Jews came from the descendant of his grandson Jacob. Secondly, Allah commanded the Jews to enter the gate of Jerusalem to the promised land, and prior to such, they must firstly defeated the Canaan.  Thus Canaan was never part of that promised land. The promised land then must be having to do with the gate of Jerusalem ie either Jerusalem itself or part of it.

(12) Now come to a very interesting point; "Why did Allah promised a small piece of land to the Jews?" In the past, Jerusalem must be a gated city or sort of a fortress city. Such city development nature was common in those day especially to protect the people from intruders. The Palestine whom occupied the coast of Canaan were considered aggressive maritime intruders in those day. They were much superior in the warfare strategy as compared to the local. Say Jerusalem was a gated city. Then Jerusalem is a very small place as compare to the whole of Canaan. If one look back at the Map at para (7), then compare to the illustration at para (10) and (11), one can clearly sees that Jerusalem indeed is a small place. The issue then, say based on my argument at para (11) why did Allah promised such a small place for the Jews? My answer, I presume Allah the Al Mighty had known the Orthodox Jews ie the Real Jews, their number won't grow fast and big as the culture they are going to develop and adhere to are a culture of diminishing growth. Jerusalem then, I would think would be considered more than enough to fit the Orthodox Jews. But today claims of Israel, I believe has nothing to do with the Orthodox Jews interest but a mere Nationalist Zionist greed as well as the British-West conspiracy.

(13) The West, love Israel to be as it is, for the good of sustaining global market uncertainties. No doubt the Middle East store the most oil, but the West do also have good stock of oil. Keeping the Middle East volatile through the Israel aggression is the best game to keep the oil supplies uncertainties, thus influencing the global market. With such, the capitalist speculative-based market will nurtured well and both the West and Zionist Jews will harvest the most.

(14) Now let let look at another critical issue; "Why did Allah promised Jerusalem to the Jews? Why not any other places, say Sinai, Eritrea or Switzerland? If one study the Al Quran deeply, one will notice, it is the nature of Allah to promise something as reward to a deed that He wants one to obey. To some extend, the Jews had been loyal to monotheism, the religion of Abraham to the time of Moses despite those surrounding them were idolaters.  Jerusalem is the graveyard to Abraham (?) and Isaac. As Muslim, I can agree that Judaism had involved into what it is today. It is not the Judaism that Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David, Solomon etc that had passed on earlier on. Indeed Islam of Abraham over time had evolved into Judaism as it is of today. Nonetheless, I have great respect over Judaism for they had one away or another had kept most of the principle of monotheism as mooted by Abraham. They had been loyal to monotheism. Thus it is logical, for the Jews to inherit their fatherland.  To the Jews, Allah offered Jerusalem as a reward if they abide by the 10 commandments that He sent through Moses.  Most of the Jews abide to such order, so they are spiritually entitle to such promised. Secondly, Allah wanted the Jews to get the barbaric Canaan to be part of the Jewish monotheism faith, which was Islam in its early stage. That made Jerusalem is the closest place for them to achieve the mission. Thus, the Al Quran acknowledgement of the Jewish claim over Jerusalem was conditional. Nonetheless, from the Al Quran itself, the Muslims must knew and admitted that the Jews up to King Solomon, they had abide to the command of Allah, such from the time of David to Solomon, Allah had made both to preside in Jerusalem. For such reason, then Jerusalem was blessed but thereon especially after the death of King Solomon, the Jews again went astray. From thereon to this day, the Jews were and are sort of living to their everlasting miseries.

(15) At the time span of David and Solomon, both presided their governing from Jerusalem. Definitely, the Jewish State had expand beyond Jerusalem. Solomon had managed to integrate the so called the Canaan land with Jerusalem to form the so called Jewish Kingdom. Nonetheless came to his son after his death, the Jewish Kingdom then split into two ie the North which was the State of Israel and the South which formed the State of Judah. Solomon was recorded to build the first Jewish temple at Jerusalem. In the Muslim perspective, Solomon was a Muslim. Thus his temple, I would say probably is the first Masjid built after the Kaabah by Adam AS. The long ruined Kaabah was then rebuilt by Abraham and Ismael.  Kaabah after Ismael, over time, due to the influence of the idolatry Sanaa Yaman, I presume, though initially both Ismael and Isaac pay respect (pilgrimage) to Allah at the same Kaabah, but due to the flooding of idol goddess, those Jews whom behold to One God concept I would believe had abandoned Kaabah as their sacred place and turned to Jerusalem instead. The Solomon temple or the Masjid Sulaiman, as I would called it, became the new kiblah for the Jews and may be later the early Arab Muslims at the early time of Islamic revival in the Arabs land.

(16) It looks like at time of the Jews were a stronghold of monotheism, the Arabs ie the descendents of Ismael, Isaac brother, for being influence by idolaters San'a, they turned to the same course of goddess so much so the Kaabah becoming the center of idolaters. I believe, that where thereon the turning point of the Arabs Jahilliah Civilization engulf the whole of Arabs peninsula.

(17) The main fact is, the Al Quran recognized Allah promised of Jerusalem to the faithful People of the Book, the  Jews. Nonetheless Allah's promises are with strict condition(s). Nonetheless, as time past, especially after the death of King Solomon, the Jews had deviated from what had been commanded upon them. The Jews, upon their runaway from Egypt under the leadership of Moses were ordered to return to the promised land on condition they abide by the Taurah (and later Zabur) and to call upon the Canaan to submit to the same, but instead, they made Mose's, David's and Solomon's religion into exclusively Judaism. They treated the Canaan as gentiles whom were not entitle to the religion of Allah. The death of Solomon was the landmark for the Jewish great deviation from the true course of the Taurah and Zabur, so much so, Allah then sent Jesus as messiah to take the Jews back to the true path. Unfortunately, due to their ego and arrogant, Jesus was badly victimized and denied being a prophet sent to them as one of the prophets that they should accepted. Jesus was 'crucified' and Allah raised Jesus to the Heaven, and promised to send him back here on earth to  tell the truth for both the Jews and Christians over Islam. The original Judaism and Christianity in the Islamic belief were indeed Islam in its progressing form.

(18) To this juncture, we should now have a very clear understanding over the nature or the fact of the Jews especially the State of Israel. First and foremost, the Jews were a weak nation so much so Allah the Al Mighty have to take good care of them. He had chosen among the best prophets to be their leaders. Thus realizing such Theodor Hezl was right for the need to give birth to a group of Jewish Nationalist now called Zionist as Godfather to the Jews, failing which, they will perish. He as well as any human being, he has all the right to care for his own people. Establishing a Jewish State is fundamental for such purpose. Secondly, the Al Quran recognized that Jerusalem is the promised land to the Jews whom were the People of the Book. Accordingly, based on Islamic spirit, for good inter-human relationship, Muslim must honor others sacred places, thus the Jews must be left to their original sacred place especially the Temple of Solomon. Muslim should have no problem of recognizing the Temple of Solomon in its original sense for Solomon was also the prophet of Islam. Thus part of Jerusalem must be made free access to the Jews especially among their Orthodox. So much so, Jerusalem must be recognized to be part of the Jewish State. The Jews are having both moral and spiritual standing to make part of Jerusalem as part of their State. Thirdly, Jews are unwanted by the West for as long as they keep themselves as Jews. The Jews were and are indeed wanderers, musafir. The Al Quran had made it clear, that Muslims must have mercy over travellers. Islam, especially the Al Quran had made it clear that Muslims must assist travellers to their needs. As a lost nation the Jews need to be given a place to settle. They are equally mahluk Allah and thus, the Muslims as the caliph, must care for all mahluk of Allah.

(19) In the eyes of Muhammad SAW, Umar Al Khataab was very dear to him ie second after Abu Bakar. Umar in many incidences was having the sense of the future. He was a very wise man indeed. He has great wisdom. With regard to Jerusalem, Umar conquest of the place was not at all with a spill drop of blood. He was greatly accepted by the Jerusalem population at the time, Jews, Christians and even "gentiles". To me the conquest is not really significant, but one thing that the whole world must recognized. Umar, at time when he want to say his thankful pray (?) to Allah he refused to pray in any of either the Jewish and or Christian temples. He if I can recalled correctly in my reading, saying "I don't want to set precedence to the future". What did he actually meant by such? My predicament, I believe, Umar had a sense on how today Israel-Palestine matter should be resolved. He then built Al Aqsa there be. This small place as part of the larger Jerusalem is called Baitulmuqadis.

(20) The Arabs world is under siege. There are too much fighting and infighting in the Arabs world. If we look back to the history of the Islamic revival in the Arabs world, they need to be Jahilliah prior to be reverted to Islam. Today, the Arabs are on the clear path back to Jahilliah. As Allah had said: "He had given them the bright righ path, yet they chosen to walk the darkness, so lost they'll be." Their tomorrow Jahilliah may not be equal to their yesterday, but still they be Jahilliah. Their path to tomorrow Jahilliah is well guided by the American and allies West. The Arabs had forgotten, their wealth which suppose to be share for the good of mankind, yet they are now exhausting their wealth to fight among themselves. I agreed, they prayed to Allah but their hearts are filled with the Western hypocrisies. The Western are draining their wealth by the game of capitalism and liberal democracy hypocrisy. Time may come, when their wealth are all gone, the Arabs will be back to the true path of Allah at times they are useless to the West.

(21) Thus for Malaysia, as Allah had clearly said in the Al Quran at time of sinful course kemungkaran is in action, we are given three choices of actions ie "We either corrected it by real hard action, or merely requesting for a stop of the act or the worst to leave and be not part of the act. Definitely, the first choice is the most preferred by Allah as He implies in the Al Quran Surah Al Kahfi. Al Kahfi initially work hard to call people to good deed, yet due to no progress they got bored and turned their back from all the wrong doing of their times, thus Allah made them asleep for 390 years, and when they woke up, nothing had changed. Accordingly for almost 900 years Yunus AS had been calling his people to be good, yet no one responded. He got fed-up and abandoned his course. Allah made him repented and came back for his dakwah, and then he succeeded well. Thus, since 1948 to this day, probably based on certain Quranic interpretation style by certain quarters in the Muslims world depending on who and where they are, I would say had given rise to numerous action plans previously being taken by the Arabs and Muslims world to resolve the Israel-Palestine conflicts but has yet to bear fruitful. Thing had becoming worst on the Palestine side. They are weakening. I would say, humanity had collapsed in Palestine. The Israel is getting stronger. The Arabs are in prolong turbulent economically, politically and socially. Definitely the West are enjoying the burning fire from across the river. Thus, what should be the Malaysian stand and action to bring peace to the Palestine, Arabs and Israel?

(22) I'm specially looking at Malaysia, due to certain reason. We used to have an international clout though now may be a fallacy, thus with such position we should be able to bring the Muslims world in particular to be on the serious and concerted effort to resolve the Palestine-Israel issues. Secondly, among all of the Muslims states, Malaysia I would say is having least domestic problem, again another fallacy, and thus we could provide some political and resources focus to assist to bring peace and harmony to these two victimized brothers. I have a very strong belief, Malaysia could provide strong leadership in resolving the issue.

(23) If Malaysia can bring peace and harmony to the Israel and Palestine, indeed I would say and vision out, Malaysia indeed will be crafting a new world civilization. Placing Malaysia especially the Malays to contribute significantly in the making of new civilization, should be of a greatest incentive for Malaysia to pursue the establishment of peace and harmony in Palestine-Israel. I'm confident that the peace and harmony of the Israel and Palestine would impact greatly onto the regional and global economy, politic, ideology, and cultures. In Shaa Allah. Indeed about 5,000 years ago, Allah through Nile, Euphrates, Ganges and Yang Tze had proven such. Devoid of greed and revenge, the world definitely will come to great growth and prosperity. The Malays in the 7-15 centuries had contributed to the world civilization making process, thus, now I have a strong conviction we can do it again.

(24) As many times I had said, the Malays we are blessed for Allah had given us Islam. The only reason why Islam was honored upon us, is to equip ourselves to be the best caliph. Islam is the guidance for us to be the best caliph. Allah had chosen us, the Malays to be among the best caliph, thus we must honor our responsibility to such a virtue. I believe, in the eyes of Allah, the best of us is when we are able to be the best caliph. Human being were and are created to be caliph. In today world game, I can see both the Palestine and Jews are travelers musafir. Both I classified as musafir for both are still in search of peace and harmony. They had not tasted real peace and harmony for the almost 60 years. Their present generations, since they were born in 1948 to this day, they had not taste a real great moment of peace and harmony. Their souls indeed are in thirst wanderers; musafir of peace and harmony. As Muslims, as Allah's forbidding people, we have all the obligation to bring peace and harmony to these two brothers, the people of Allah. Definitely the question is how?

(25) To this far, we had been deploying our human logic way in trying to resolve the Israel-Palestine conflict. Firstly the UN established Israel as the Jewish State. In doing so, they ignored the fate of the Palestine over the same State. At that point in time, to resolve the European Jews diaspora was the key issue. The Jews there and then were the nuisance of the West. They love to get rid of the Jews from their NIMBY. They took the best advantage of 'Palestine' being the subject of the British to the fullest in drawing the boundary of the Israel State. They confirmed to the demand of the Zionist and yet brushed aside the interest of the Palestine. Accordingly, while on the Palestine side, after prolong hegemony of their Arabs brothers,  only in 1988 they were relieved to "Independence". Their independent then indeed was nothing but to be self governing away from the Arabs power struggle. Yaser Arafat the then President of PLO ever since had been a ball game to Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Jordan-Lebanon and Iran. The Palestine from 1948 to 1988 and even to this day, were continually expose to Israel and Arabs game play. They indeed had never been left to take their own course. To me, indeed Palestine is still a subject of Arabs power struggle. Collectively, Israel-Palestine is a subject of World Power Game-Toy. We failed to bring peace and harmony to both Israel and Palestine, not because we failed, but too many purposely want it to fail. Thus so long, the initiative of bringing peace and harmony to both Israel and Arabs are within the course of human self interest, such will always come with failure.

(26) My thought, the basic tenet to the resolution is, as human being, every man is the guest of Allah. He need a place to stay. In the eyes of Allah, one must honor a guest. Allah had made enough for everybody. Thus the Jews deserve their own State. The same applies to the Palestine. The UN had recognized both Israel and Palestine, except now, the Palestine State must be given the same statue as any other independent sovereign State. The Arabs must leave the Palestine to their own course. Thus the existence of Israel and Palestine now must be taken as given. Impossible for us to turn back to before 1948, unless the world is crazy to go for the WWIII. Therefore, the basic tenet of Islam upon both the Jews and Palestine is "considered" honored. The next thing is to bring peace and harmony among them. For such, their right to be an independent sovereign state must be honored. Their basic right is to self govern for them to build peaceful and harmony living. For such to happen, Israel has all the upper hand. Jews being the Jews, their way of lives is always about advantage trading. Even at times of their great prophets, they always do trading in their dealing with Allah. But as Muslims, those should never constraint us from coming with the best leadership, caliph deed. Indeed it is our piety challenge that we must cross over any bridges for us to gain the best, especially the hereafter best.

(27) Today Palestine (Map in para 26) is similar to Brunei in the context of Malaysia (Sarawak). If Brunei-Sarawak relationship could be established in Palestine-Israel, then there will be minimum teething issues. For all reasons, the Palestinian Authority (PA) need access from the West Bank to Gaza. They either have to have access through Israel and or Jordan-Egypt. Unfortunately, in today scenario, they can't easily have either. Israel is not willing to grant them good access for reason of security. Jordan and Egypt would not be willing to invest to develop efficient and convenient transport system between the West Bank and Gaza for the Palestine. They can't afford it. Both are poor rich countries. Unfortunately Palestine indeed is an interlock State. Its international boundaries is locked within unfriendly countries. The dilemma of Nepal, Laos, Paraguay, Bolivia, Central Africa Republic, etc is what the Palestine is facing. Its most international frontier ie the Gaza strip is  disintegrated from the West Bank in the faraway entity. Such made the Palestine economy in real bad shape. When goods, people and resources are not freely having access to the State, such will slowly turns the State into a State of Pariah. Miseries will accrue. Hunger among the young Palestine now turns to hatred and violent. Blood thirst becoming a daily food. So much so, the Palestine see Israel and to some extend the Arabs as the cause of their miseries. My worries time will come, the Palestine wil hate both the Israel and Arabs. Therefore, the issue now is chicken and egg or egg and chicken. Security or access?

(28) Despite being interlocked, despite being poor, again if one looks at the Arabs Islamic Renaissance 1,400 years ago, there is nothing impossible if one follows the good course of Allah. Brilliantly at times of great hardship, Allah made Muhammad SAW to migrated to Yathrib, Medina. What was Medina comparatively with Mecca then? The whole of Muhammad SAW followers then were in great lacking. They lack in numbers, they lack in logistics, but then how come they be great to even to have the strength to take on Byzantium and Persian the two greatest super powers of the time?  All is about wisdom and strategies. Palestine, should mirror Muhammad SAW in their strategic approach to glory, but with clear intention, to bring peace and harmony to all.

(29) Golda Meir, among the key founders of the State of Israel had passed away (Dec., 8, 1978). Yaser Arafat, the founder of PLO had also passed away (Nov. 11, 2014). They represent the hardcore fighter among their societies, Jews and Palestine. Basically, the hardcore from both sides is perishing. Today leaders, and definitely those after them, just as the Malays, their defined dignity will definitely not about a State. They would just love to have good living lives. The State is secondary and probably just a matter of convenience. These are the citizens of a globalized village.  There's nothing wrong about it. Islam in the first place practiced such. Such was and is the real value of Islam. The earth, the universe is free for everybody. Therefore, based on such spirit, I would say, we Malaysia, if we work on the true course of Islam, we indeed can bring peace and harmony to both the Israel and Palestine. Time has come for Malaysia to take the caliph seat to lead both Israel and Palestine into peace and harmony living. Our deed, is not about mere Palestine and Israel, but for the sake of the whole world. From day one, we as men, Allah had created us to bring peace and harmony on this earth. Thus, I would believe:

(29.1) First thing first. The Al Quran had said, hunger takes one to kufur. I would believe, the term kufur here would mean deviance and not necessarily kafir. Hunger always takes people to do bad deed. Hunger makes one's lost their mind. The Palestine are in bad hunger. Therefore, Malaysia must find ways and means to resolve hunger among the Palestine. Due to the interlocked nature of Palestine, Israel is the main constraint for such an effort. Thus, we have no choice but to compromise to work with the Israel on the matter. Our past approach for not having diplomatic relationship with the Israel may need to be reviewed. On what ground should we not having a diplomatic relationship with the Israel? Have such a strategy work? To me the long term sustainable solution to cure the Palestine sickness is by means of dealing with the Israel. We need the Israel to help the Palestine. Allah had made, sometimes the venom as the cure to its ownself. Muhammad SAW never made the Islamic enemies as enemies to win them over. At times of his early great hardship, Muhammad SAW lives among the Jews.  He even called for friendship with the Byzantium in Jerusalem. Let learn form Allah and His messenger great wisdom. Dare we to take such a stance? Why not? Are we worried of the Arabs backlash? What is there now for an Arabs backlash? They are too busy killing among themselves? Or shadowy we fear the Malays anger? To me, the Malays be they Malaysian, Indonesian, Brunei, Pattani, Sulu or Cham, if we care to sit down really to discuss the matter, with all parties, and made it clear on our farsighted strategy, definitely they will be with us all through. Let us through ASEAN and even OIC, trade-off peace for Israel with resolving hunger for the Palestine. I have a strong believe, by establishing a diplomatic relationship with Israel, half of the problem may have been automatically resolved. The Islamic world must play the central role to give Israel the peace of mind for the sake of the Palestine and the world as a whole.

(29.1b) The Malays leaders must stop playing politic with the Quranic verses, and in this context the one that said "for us not to take Jews, Nasrani and even Majusi to be among our associates" by looking at the verse not from it real contextual fact. Muslims are advised not to do so, for reason of tendencies for deviance from the true path. Therefore if our association is for the great of the societies and bring good into the eyes of Allah, He would have never forbade it. Even Muhammad SAW took a Jewish woman to be his wife. Then what the problem of making Israel our friend, for the purpose to seed peace and harmony worldwide? But the Malays politic had made Israel and the Jews to the very wrong political mileage that had worsen things. The exploitation of Islamic teaching for the political gain by both UMNO and PAS in this country had made Malaysia as an overall to regress while by right we should be far moving ahead. I have a strong belief, both PAS and UMNO had abused Islam for their short term gain yet inflicting a long term lost to the Malays and the Nation.

(29.1c) Israel is in dire need of the Islamic world recognition. Let them have it, with a trade off for us to work together to relieve the miseries of the Palestine. Malaysia should begin to initiate a strong diplomatic ties with the Israel. The whole of the Muslims world should establish a diplomatic relationship with the Israel. Even the Palestine themselves are now looking for Israel as their source of lives, then what the problem of the others not to see thing from the tradition of the 1940s? I can see no problem if we are honest to such a deed.

(29.2) Secondly, on condition that the Malaysia (and other Muslims states)-Israel diplomatic ties is accomplished, we must have our Malaysian voluntary team but preferably an international team and let called it ASEAN Mercy that can work with the Israel to deliver the food, water, medicine, clothing and even homes to the needing Palestine. Let work on this for the first five years period, while other wider initiatives could take place. Accordingly, I would believe, the problem of the agitated young Palestine must also be quickly resolved. These are the groups that easily be swayed to go wild and causing unnecessary trouble to both sides. Education, skill development, employment and recreation needs of these groups must be quickly attended. Israel indeed is a fast developing State and to certain extend the neighboring Muslims states. They need lots of skilled and educated employees. Thus, diplomatic relationship between Malaysia and Muslim ASEAN-OIC with Israel will facilitate for the process for the young Palestine to work in Israel. They should also be facilitated to work internationally. They need to be kept busy to develop their much peaceful future lives, or else stones and bullets will be their favorite choice. We need to look at thing from a long term assimilation and reconciliation process of these two brothers. Indeed in Islam, Sulaiman AS had succeeded in doing such, that made the Kingdom of Solomon a great empire. He was able not only to unite the Jews but to bring the general Canaan to his domain. Allah indeed had shown us the way on how to treat the Jews, just that sentiments most of the times had taken away our rationality.

(29.2b) Malaysian, the ASEAN, the Muslims and even international citizen all over, we are proven to be very generous. At times of hardship, everybody is willing to come in handy. Thus, in the case of the Palestine, we the Malaysian must take the lead role to organize the world generosity to the most fare, non-bias, not partitioning, very transparent basis and systematically together with the Israel. Our determination and honesty to the course definitely will always be closed to Allah blessing. In Shaa Allah.

(29.3) Thirdly, Malaysia must remain Neutral. We must keep to the mission to bring peace and harmony to all. We must never be involved in any bloody conflict either on the Arabs, Israel, Persian or any other parties. We must keep our hands clean of any bloody involvement with any military conflict. We should never be militarily involved in the "war against terror" when such is again a mere dirty local and international political game. We must keep ourselves to the spirit of mesyuawarah. We must build ourselves to be excellent negotiator, bringing conflicting parties to the round table and thus abide to the decision made. In this regard, Malaysian and as well as ASEAN as Non-Alliance Community (NAM) must hold firm to be neutral. Within ASEAN, we must be seen commanding respect. Accordingly, Malaysia must be made very significant within the OIC. Malaysia must act as bridges and highways within ASEAN and OIC. We should take the lead to drive ASEAN and OIC to be united, open but neutral entities.

(29.3b) Being neutral is fundamental in resolving any international conflict. We can be very vocal, but vocal to the tone of neutral. We can't be vocal to the tone of confrontational. Malaysia must be well known and respected to be vocal and aggressively neutral for peace and harmony of all parties. We must have the charisma of being aware about all parties interests and concerns. The trust of everybody must always be on our side.  We had gone through such experience in the early birth of this Nation. At the formation of Malaysia, at time of Indonesia-Malaysia Confrontation, at time of Communist Insurgency, and many others we had shown success in being neutral-professional strategy. Our past leaders had sailed and steered us well in the stormy seas, and we arrived to the destination will least lost of souls.

(29.3c) To build a strong and reputable international images in bridging to resolve complicated conflicts, Malaysia should had made great impact to our domestic and regional similar problems. We are having problem with the Sulu, Pattani, Champa and now Rohingya conflicts. To a certain extend, their problems had been inflicting regional security and economic issues. Within ASEAN, we must had shown high will and integrity in resolving those issues. Unfortunately, again our Malaysian domestic political low level of maturity usually gives lots of setback. We normally have to divert our peace and harmony nurturing policies and strategies to fit into a very short term chauvinistic political games yet a very destructive to humankind civilization. Even to resolve our own economic disparity, which now had gone into real bad political problem, we had been adopting to non Islamic non professional approaches. We resolved to creating hatred and greater antagonism among the related parties. For such reason, our effort to bring peace and harmony has never going beyond our own nut shell, tempurung

(29.4) Fourthly, Malaysia must take on the OIC Chair or Secretariat and lead the OIC and World Bank to fund major and critical infrastructures investment for the good of the Palestine, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Israel. Turkey can also be included for a better feasibility. Let have a smart efficient transportation system to cover the Turkey, Iran, Middle East and thus North Africa and Pan Africa. This definitely would be a global exciting mega investment project. Russia, China and even the West I would believe be eager to participate in the development of the Project. At times of the Islamic Golden Age in the Middle East, there was a train line built to connect Istanbul, Baghdad, Medina and even to the Mediterranean. The idea was firstly mooted by Umar Al Khataab, then followed by Umar Abdul Aziz and later the Ottoman. Even at times of the Babylon and Emperors of China, both the sea and land-based silk road had been established which had brought so much prosperity to all their destinations. We should emulate history to resolve our conflict, which is nothing but about gaining prosperity. To me, Gaza is the potential Palestine port at the Mediterranean. Mediterranean is one of the very active maritime region in the world. It is also a region which is very lucrative in term of tourism development. Giving Palestine greater access to both side of the Nation, to me will settle so much of the Arabs-Israel conflict. Malaysia must have the courage to promote this idea and divert the focus of the Arabs from fighting to development and accordingly to work with the Israel to promote greater international trade within the region.

(29.4b) Alternatively, the Palestine should emulate either Hong Kong of China or Hawaii of the USA in managing the Gaza strip. Gaza could be given full autonomy to grow on its own without too much depending over the PA in the West Bank. Or a much radical approach is to leave Gaza to be managed as another independent State. Let the West Bank with East Jerusalem as the Palestine State and Gaza as the State of Gaza. The population of both can be the Palestine just as Libya, Morocco, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Kuwait or even Yemen all are distinct states but of Arabs nation. Similar with Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia, we are of distinct states but our people are the Malays. To me by making Gaza and the West Bank autonomous or a separate independent state will give both to focus on their own issues and thus not to over burden the limited resources at hand. Malaysia should have the courage to moot and negotiate such an idea with the Palestine Authority (PA).

(29.5) Last but not least, paramountcy basic, as Allah had commanded upon us, we Malaysia must be a truthful caliph. In today system, to be truthful caliph is nothing difficult. Just keep ourselves to the true professional demand of Islam for our humankind needs. Let resolve the issue of Palestine-Israel purely from the need to honor the both guests of Allah. Both need to live as neighbor, and they should be brought to build a greater neighbor among all the surrounding neighbors. To me, Malaysia could lead the peace and harmony building process for both Palestine and Israel (inclusive of the Pattani, Sulu, Cham and Rohingya and among the locals) if and only if, we first and foremost has no other interest but to bring peace, harmony and prosperity to all. Let just be truly the caliph as Allah had commanded upon us.

(29.5b) Can Malaysia talk to Egypt and Saudi, could they donate, wakaf or sell part of their land to enlrage and made Palestine be more significant. Probably Sinai could be made as an Egyptian gesture for an establishment of Gaza State. Similarly, the Saudi could donate, wakaf or sell part of its nearby land to enlarge the West Bank for the establishment of the Palestine State with BaitulMuqadis as the capital. I believe, the Palestine could be made to pay for all these extra land. Wiithin OIC Malaysia can mooted this little crazy thinking of mine.

(30) In conclusion, since Abraham (the great grand father of the Jews and Arabs) to 1948 (in certain part of the world, to this day), the Jews had been displaced either through nature or forces. It must be admitted, at times of their displacement, it was Egypt (Arabs) that had one way or another be their savior land. As such, the Jews must have a sense of gratefulness to the Arabs. In history, it should also be undeniable that despite they had been displaced for many times, Jerusalem is always a place where they are returning home. Allah had consistently kept His promised to them. The Muslim world should admit such and respect Allah's wisdom as such. Analogically, Iblis is Allah's mahluk that He cursed to be the people of the Hell. Despite such, Allah from the day Adam AS was given the breath, He allowed Iblis and Satan then to co-exist with man on this earth till the Day of Judgment. Iblis and man, they served His purpose well, without which, I would believe, both will never be the true them. Based on the displacement and home returning long history of the Jews plus the sustenance of the Iblis and Satan, I strongly believe, despite Allah displeasure of the Jews (and Iblis-Satan) in lots of instances, their existence must never be denied. The Muslims should recognize such, and should be the People of the Book that should truly understand the need and benefit of facilitating the sustenance of the Jews as an Israelite Nation.  SubhanaAllah, His wisdom, most of the times is always being overlook. Let us, for the sake of peace and harmony worldwide, we should initiate for the peace living of our two brothers, the Jews and Palestine.

(31) For the Orthodox Jews, to have Jerusalem is critical for the sustenance of Judaism. In such matter, to me, Allah promised is nothing too literal to the effect. To me, the Al Quran had clearly stated, that the religious practises must never going for the extreme. Religious practises is all about living to the good deed. Our live deed is about balancing today affairs to hereafter lives. The Judaism Rabbi, to me had made Judaism as an extremely religious to the level that religion being seen as drug. As He had promised to Jesus ie Isa AS, He needs the Jews, Christians and Muslims to be there and then for Him to get Jesus on the day of resurrection to tell nothing but the truth. Accordingly, to me, Israel is a fate for the world that Allah had bestowed upon which the modern (and Zionist) Jews will creatively maneuvering to manage this herein wealth and prosperity. The Jews has theological and worldly significance if we care to think and rationally understand Allah greater wisdom.

(32) The Malays, and Malaysia in general should take the lead to tackle the Palestine-Israel conflict both from the true theological and humanity ground.

Kuching, Sarawak
16-29 Nov., 2017
Nov 2, 2017
1/11/17 MELAYU SARAWAK ... jalannya bagaimana dan ke mana? (draft)

1/11/17 MELAYU SARAWAK ... jalannya bagaimana dan ke mana? (draft)

Pada 12 Julai, 2014 saya menulis: Melayu Sarawak.... berdirinya di mana? dan tulisan itu boleh diikuti melalui: Tulisan tersebut sehingga kini, 2 Nov., 2017 telah dilawati sebanyak 15,591 kali. Sejak 12 Julai, 2014, lawatan ke tulisan tersebut telah mengatasi lawatan ke tulisan bertajuk Keeping afloat for others to sail yang saya tulis pada 1 Jan., 2012 dengan lawatan sebanyak 8,238 pembacaan. Tulisan tersebut boleh dicapai pada Kali ini sebagai kesinambungan kepada Melayu sarawak ...berdirinya di mana saya akan cuba melihat Melayu Sarawak .... jalannya bagaimana dan ke mana?

(2) Bila seorang anak sudah mula pandai berdiri, saat dia bertatih, siapapun pasti ingin melihat caranya berjalan dan ke mana dia hendak berjalan. Keinginan ini terdorong oleh rasa mahu memastikan bahawa anak tersebut mampu berjalan betul dan menuju ke tempat selamat yang betul. Maka, nada tulisan saya ini, kali ini adalah pada prinsip yang sama.

(3) Melayu Sarawak kira merdeka dari Brooke dan British pada 1963 setelah terjajah sejak 1841. Pada 1970 sehingga 2014, Melayu Sarawak telah ditadbir oleh dinasti Yakub melalui Abdul Rahman Yakub dan anak buahnya Abdul Taib Mahmud. Adenan Satem dan kini Abang Johari, bagi Melayu Sarawak, merekalah Melayu Sarawak. Rahman dan Taib dikira Melayu juga tetapi Melayu kacukan. Bila merdeka, kira-kira Melayu Sarawak sudah bolehlah dianggap mahu belajar berdiri, dan sejak 1963, mereka saya kira sudah mula bertatih dan mahu berjalan tegap. Malangnya, saya kira Melayu Sarawak terus perlu berjalan dipimpin, dari sebelum merdeka, sehingga merdeka, Melayu Sarawak masih perlu berjalan dipimpin ditolak ie diibe dalam istilah Melayu Sarawak. Cuma mengibe ke mana dan untuk apa, adalah persoalan yang jarang dikupas secara jujur dan berani. Pada pengamatan saya, Dinasti Yakub telah mengibe Melayu Sarawak jauh ke jalan tempang.

(4) Liputan Melayu Sarawak dalam tulisan ini, untuk kali ini saya sempitkan sebagai the pure Malays biar itu agak samar-samar untuk diperolehi lantaran jarang sekali kita dapat menjumpai pure Malays di Sarawak ini. Namun untuk tulisan ini, biar saya takrifkan Melayu Sarawak sebagai aslinya mereka yang telah berbudaya Melayu dan beradeen Islam mendahului kaum-kaum lainnya yang kini turut dikelompokkan sebagai Melayu juga. Kelompok Melayu asli atau Melayu Sarawak yang saya rujuk adalah Melayu Kuching, Urang Laut (Melayu Persisir), bahkan Melayu Sibu, Bintulu, Miri, Limbang dan Lawas. Saya menjangka inilah kelompok Muslim seawal abad ke 7 dahulu. 

(5) Bagi saya, semasa saya menulis Melayu Sarawak .... berdirinya di mana? pada masa itu saya melihat biar dengan kuasa yang rakyat Sarawak telah berikan kepada Rahman Yakub dan Taib Mahmud yang saya kira tidak kurang dari empat dekad ie 44 tahun, dari sudut ekonomi dan kesejahteraan hidup, apakah pencapaian hebat yang telah Melayu Sarawak capai? Saya menanyakan kejayaan yang hebat. Saya tidak ingin membicarakan soal pencapaian biasa-biasa. Dalam tulisan tersebut, pasti banyak yang dapat membayangkan bahawa Melayu Sarawak biar dalam keadaan biasa-biasa juga belum sampai ke mana-mana. Melayu Sarawak setelah 44 tahun memberikan kuasa kepada mereka yang berkuasa untuk mengangkat martabat mereka telah sangat terpinggir sebetulnya. Urang Laut yang datang berpetualang ke Kuching, Miri, Bintulu, malah Sibu di zaman Taib mereka diburu untuk menjauh di pinggir-pinggir kota. Biar mereka bebas dari kehidupan setinggan, namun mereka sekurang-kurangnya selama dua generasi terpaksa bergulat menebus sekadar untuk hidup di tempat baru yang juga tidak berkecukupan. Tulisan itu, saya tujukan khusus kepada Tok Nan yang telah menghadiahkan saya  buku Dilema Pendidikan Melayu Singapura semasa lawatan beliau ke Bintulu pada 2000 dahulu iaitu semasa saya masih menjawat jawatan sebagai Residen Bintulu. Mudah-mudahan dengan tulisan itu, ada yang akan menyampaikan kepada beliau, dan beliau akan mengambil beberapa langkah pembetulan berani untuk merubah keadaan. Alhamdullillah, dalam tempoh yang sangat sedikit, beliau telah mula mengasak ke arah tersebut, biar belum jelas penghujungnya. Namun pada pengamatan awal saya tentang penekanan Tok Nan, beliau juga seperti terburu-buru dan sedang memilih jalan yang agak tempang juga. Beliau seperti sedang bergerak ke rural bias, di mana jika dipandang dari sudut Melayu Sarawak, langkah itu kurang tepat. Melayu Sarawak sebetulnya adalah urbanised atau semi-urban. Saya tidak nafikan, Melayu Sarawak banyak di luar bandar, namun saya berani mengatakan mereka kini lebih banyak di bandar dari di luar bandar. Perkara ini telah saya tuliskan sebelum ini. Beliau telah Allah panggil pulang, sepertinya sebelum beliau melakukan langkah silap yang berkelanjutan. Namun ada langkah-langkah beliau seperti sedang dipinjam oleh Abang Johari untuk melangkah cara lainnya  keluar dari langkah Taib juga Rahman. Al Fathihah untuk Tok Nan.

(6) Kali ini, setelah Tok Nan tiada, Abang Johari (2017) pula mengambilalih pimpinan Negeri, dalam pengemudian masyarakat Melayu khasnya. Untuk itu saya sedang perhatikan bahawa beliau sedang mencari-cari asas yang kukuh untuk melonjak kemajuan  Sarawak amnya dan Melayu Sarawak khasnya. Cuma bila Negeri ini, di mana Melayu adalah minoriti, tugas beliau menjadi sangat mencabar lantaran kesaksamaan harus dijaga dengan baik. Rahman dan Taib juga pernah menghadapi masalah yang sama. Namun, demografi rakyat Sarawak sudah jauh berbeza, maka saya yakin, cabaran yang perlu diatasi oleh Abang Johari pasti jauh lebih sulit.

(7) Rahman, dalam dia membina Sarawak, dia saya kelompokkan sebagai cuba membina kekuatan dalaman. Maka dengan sebab itu, di zaman beliau terdapat banyak kroni-kroni bumiputera khusus dari suku kaumnya. Mereka inilah kemudiannya akan Rahman pergunakan sebagai Shaik-Shaik Pemurah. Taib pula, lantaran perlu lari dari bayangan Rahman, telah menggunakan kaedah yang seakan-akan serupa cuma dengan sedikit kelainan. Kroni-kroni Taib agak sedikit berbeza dari kroni-kroni Rahman. Kroni-kroni Taib lebih berupa active business circle sebagai tujuan reserve bank. Biar ciri kroni berbeda, natijahnya tetap sama iaitu membina kekuatan berteraskan patronizing. Rahman dan Taib membina kroni sebagai patron, payung kepada kekuasaan mereka. Melalui konsep politik payung, patronizing political strategy kedua-dua Rahman dan Taib dapat mencengkam hebat semua pengikut mereka. Budaya politik sebegini, bukanlah sesuatu yang anih, lantaran itulah budaya politik Asia di mana-manapun. Konsep pemimpin adalah payung adalah lumrah dalam budaya politik Asia. Rakyat melihat pemimpin sebagai payung. Maka untuk memayung pemimpin pula harus berpunya. Hubungan simbiosis payung ini, akhirnya bertukar menjadi parasitic. Juga payung dalam tradisi Melayu, adalah alat yang keperluannya sangat terbatas. Saat hujan dan panas, payung itu perlu. Selain dari itu, payung pasti disingkirkan. Dan dalam banyak ketika, yang memayung kepanasan atau kehujanan, yang berpayung pula lupa dirinya adalah payung kepada yang memayung. Dalam dunia fesyen Melayu, sebegitulah juga nasibnya payung. Namun jika kita melihat budaya Muhammad SAW, beliau tidak perlu payung dan atau memayung. Bagaimana cara beliau?

(8) Saya dapat bayangkan dalam keadaan demografi Sarawak terkini dan masa depan, Abang Johari sedang dalam dilema hebat. Apa lagi bayangan Taib dan Adenan terus mengekori Abang Johari. Selain orang Melayu, suku kaum lain juga sedang memaksa tuntutan kesaksamaan. Cara Rahman dan Taib, tidak boleh dinafikan telah meletakkan Sarawak pada kedudukan kini, namun saya yakin kedudukan kita harus terlebih baik jika pendekatan lain telah kita laksanakan. Namun, tidak perlu kita mengukit kisah silam, tumpuan kita harus pada masa depan. Sejarah biarlah hanya bahan rujukan pelajaran untuk jalan masa depan yang jauh lebih cerah dan hebat.

(9) Dilema Abang Johari adalah masa. Seperti ikrar Allah Demi masa...., Abang Johari seperti terkejar-kejar masa untuk berbuat yang terhebat dan lain. Keadaan ini menjadi lebih terdesak dalam keadaan politik Negara yang serba salah ini, di mana BN Pusat sedang kurang popular, dan BN Negeri baru saja mewarisi kegemilangan lagenda Tok Nan. Abang Johari menjadi seperti melukut di tepi gantang terlalu mengikut Pusat, nanti kedudukannya di Negeri payah, tidak mengikut Pusat, banyak trade off perlu dikorbankan. Namun jika desakan masa terlalu kita layan, kita mungkin keburu-buruan, rusuh dan hasilnya sakit di tengah jalan. Oleh yang sedemikian, semua harus membantu Abang Johari untuk memndapatkan ilham terbaik untuk mengibe (bimbing) Melayu Sarawak berjalan baik ke tujuan terbaik. Namun ada tanda-tanda jelas kematangan berpolitik yang diterima pakai oleh Abang Johari, yang boleh menyelamatkan Sarawak amnya dan menguntungkan Melayu Sarawak khasnya. Kita harus terus bersikap professional, yang baik kita ambil, yang jahat kita diam atau abaikan.

(10) Sesungguhnya bila Abdul Razak mengasak pembangunan Negara ini lewat peranan besar sektor awam, maka Melayu menjadi bangsa sangat bergantung kepada bantuan kerajaan. Inilah asas kepada kritik public enterpises as against private enterprises dalam kelas-kelas ekonomi pada 1960-1980an. Oleh yang demikian, sebagai pemimpin berwawasan jauh, Mahathir merobah semua itu lantaran ketergantungan kepada kerajaan tidak akan membawa Melayu ke persada jauh. Maka bila Mahathir berusaha keras untuk membebaskan Negara ini dari belenggu kuku pentadbiran awam feudal ke arah pentadbiran koprat maka usaha-usaha beliau selama 22 tahun itu telah melahirkan Melayu yang mula mahu melihat amalan demokratik yang meluas. Cuma bila Islam fardhu Kifayah Mahathir terlalu jauh ke depan dari Islam fardhu Ain, maka keputusannya Mahathir telah membina sekelompok Melayu Kapitalis yang akhirnya membentuk kelompok little Bonarparte. Maka sebagai kesan menjauhnya, kini Abang Johari kini sedang berdepan dengan demografi Melayu Sarawak yang mahukan
lebih amalan demokrasi. Kejayaan sistem pendidikan kita telah merobah paradigma Melayu, biar perlahan tetapi sudah bermula.

(11) Konsep politik payung sudah mulai dibenci oleh Melayu. Di Malaya, UMNO yang masih terus berpegang kepada konsep politik payung sudah kian dicabar. Malah suara-suara lantang yang menongkah para agamawan yang bergelar Ulama, Tok Guru, Tabib, Shaik, Kiyai dsb dari terus mengamalkan politik payung adalah petanda-petanda bahawa penolakan sistem tradisi Melayu yang menjurus kepada feudal-autokratif sedang bermula. Di Barat, contohnya di abad ke 13 mereka cukup menolak konsep politik payung Istana dan Gereja sehingga melahirkan demokrasi.  Saya, dalam tulisan ini, sekadar ingin menyumbang sedikit pandangan, khusus dalam keadaan Federalism, Persekutuan Malaysia yang kian tercabar kini untuk dilihat dan dinilai oleh sesiapapun, namun sasaran saya pastinya kepada sistem semasa.

(12) Dalam tulisan ini, dan seperti selalunya, saya tidak akan berbicara soal kaum-kaum lain. Bukan soal mereka tidak penting. Mereka sama penting dengan Melayu dalam apapun. Kita semua ibarat seberkas lidi membentuk penyapu. Cuma seperti saya telah katakan selama ini, setelah saya mengundur dari perkhidmatan awam, saya ingin menumpu jiwa dan fikiran saya kepada Melayu dan Kampung tumpah keringat-darahnya ibu dan bapa saya. Asas kepada perubahan sikap saya itu harus mudah dimengertikan. Pertama dan hanya itulah, lihat kepada ikrar Syahadah kita. Sebagai seorang Muslim, ikrar kita adalah Tiada Tuhan yang kita sembah melainkan Allah. Kita sepatutnya hanya patuh kepada Allah. Allah pula kita akui sebagai yang Mahaberkuasa, Mahamengetahui, MahaPenyayang dan Mahapengasih. Lantaran itu, kita seharusnya tidak perlu bersandarkan kepada siapa dan apapun dalam menentukan siapa dan ke mana diri kita ini. Maka atas prinsip itu, seseorang Muslim harus kekal pada tujuan penciptaan mereka dan atas tujuan Islam itu didatangkan kepada mereka. Muslim adalah khalifah Allah di bumi ini. Muslim mesti memimpin segala mahluk Allah dengan prinsip-prinsip asas Al Quran iaitu mencerminkan sifat dan tujuan Allah. Maka jika Al Quran jadi pegangan Melayu Muslim sebagai jalan hidup dan jalan pengurusan, pastinya segala yang lain akan terjaga penuh saksama. Maka berlandaskan itu, nada dan julat perbincangan saya dalam tulisan inipun pastinya hanya berkisar dalam dunia Melayu Sarawak khasnya dan Melayu amnya. Melayu Sarawak yang hebat adalah Muslim yang hebat di sisi Allah dan memegang amanah sebagai khalifah Allah untuk semua. Ibarat seberkas penyampu, lidi itu penting, namun yang terpenting adalah pemberkas agar penyampu menjadi utuh berguna. Dalam prihal ini, Melayu Sarawak adalah ibarat pemberkas itu. Jika pemberkas baik dan kuat, maka sempurnalah penyapu itu. Berpegang kepada prinsip itu, maka Melayu Sarawaklah yang harus saya lihat terdahulu. Pendirian ini harus siapapun perlu mengambil maklum.

(13) Sejak mengambilalih tampuk kepimpinan di Sarawak, saya melihat Abang Johari sering melakukan lawatan keluar Negeri dengan rombongan yang cukup besar. Beliau ke China, London, Australia, New Zealand, dan terakhir rasanya Estonia. Apa yang sedang dia cari? Saya menduga, selain mencari peluang-pelunag FDI, saya mengira Abang Johari sedang mencari-cari falsafah pengurusan Negeri sesuai dengan keadaan anak Negeri Sarawak yang rata-rata masih keterbelakang berbanding negeri-negeri kaya lainnya di Persekutuan Malaysia. Sarawk kaya, namun kita jauh di belakang berbanding Selangor, Pulau Pinang dan Johor. Kita sepatutnya dari segi mutu kehidupan harus bersama kelompok lima negeri termaju di Malaysia. namun kita tidak. Kita corot bersama Sabah dan negeri-negeri Melayu. Saya yakin, langkah Abang Johari berkunjung belajar ke luar Negara adalah wajar, lantaran Allah juga sering berpesan pergilah berjalan dan belayar ke serata muka bumi ini, pasti di sana kamu akan temui kebesaranKu. Maka bagi saya, China itu bagus untuk kita lihat apa mereka boleh buat untuk keperluan mereka. Namun kita jangan terperangkap dengan cara Malaya, iatu menjadikan Malaya hanya batu loncatan China. Kita tidak harus menjadikan China sebagai penghasil keperluan kita. China harus menjadi rakan yang memakmurkan kita dan bukan sebaliknya. Keperluan kita biarlah kita sendiri yang menghasilkannya. Kita kena mahir dalam falsafah dan cara naga iaitu bapa ular yang akan makan ular-ular lainnya akhirnya. Australia bagus dalam soal-soal pengurusan kependudukan. Sarawak mempunyai tanah yang luas. Penduduk kecil. Maka dasar perbandaran kita, boleh diatur sedemikian rupa agar belanja membangun dan mengusus kita adalah selari dengan keupayaan kita. New Zealand pula  adalah sangat baik berkaitan dengan pembangunan Industri Pertanian dan pengurusan alam sekitar dan masyarakat terpinggir Maori. New Zealand boleh menjadi contoh ikutan Sarawak dalam tiga faktor penting tersebut. London pula bagi saya adalah, is all about being gentleman. Abang Johari perlu menunjukkan teladan agar Melayu Sarawak bersikap gentleman. Kempimpian di Sarawak harus bersikap gentleman. Namun gentleman, kita tidak seharusnya bersifat British hidung tinggi, tetapi berhemah menurut Melayu-Islam. Estonia (?) adalah kelompok negara-negara Scandinavia. Inilah wilayah jajahan Jerman dahulu kala. Sikap Jerman adalah kerja-kerja. Mereka jauh lebih bersemangat berkerja berpasukan dari Jepun atau Korea. Kehebatan paling hebat Jerman adalah dalam bidang hambatan ilmu dan kemahiran. Melayu Sarawak perlukan strategi khusus dalam bidang ini.

(14) Sebelum saya merungkai intipati tajuk bicara di atas, terlebih dahulu cuba kita sorot sepintas lalu, di mana Melayu Sarawak kini. Di manakah Melayu Sarawak kini? Apakah kelemahan yang tiada penghujung, yang sedang kita hadapi sehingga kedudukan kita seperti sedang mengundur?  Saya hanya perlu mengambil beberapa kayukuran yang mudah untuk menjawab persoalan ini. Pertama, dalam prihal BR1M. Kita akan dapati berduyun-duyun Melayu ingin mendapatkan BR1M. Mereka sanggup meninggalkan apa saja, demi untuk mendapat bayaran BR1M. Samalah dalam soal K1M. Apapun jenis penyakit, Melayu akan ingin dirawat di K1M. Juga cuba, jika tanpa bantuan kewangan apapun bila anak-anak ke Universiti atau Kolej, pasti kebanyakan Melayu mengeloh. Ekonomi orang Melayu secara am masih corot. Namun, keduanya, dalam soal berhibur, Melayu pasti duluan.  Kita kini sedang kegilaan pesta Lumba Perahu. Pesta Lumba Perahu ini punya sejarah serta kepentingan yang telah saya tuliskan sedikit waktu dulu. Inilah antara kekuatan perpaduan dan semangat lomba ASEAN, jika kita mampu garap, pasti boleh meletakkan Nusantara dan Melayu ke arena yang cukup hebat. Tetapi, pesta hanyalah pesta untuk berhibur, dan tidak lebih dari itu. Melayu cukup hebat menghambat hiburan. Dalam soal menghambat ilmu, kita dengan mudah sering dipintas oleh keperluan berhibur atau sesuatu yang tidak memperbaiki ekonomi diri kita. Ketiga, yang seharusnya adalah pertama, penghayatan kita tentang Islam, sangat jauh mundurnya. Kita seperti belum pernah di jamah Islam. Saya berani berkata Islam kita sekadar Islam sajalah. Islam kita Islam Pak Kaduk, tukang ikut. Di bidang ekonomi, sosial dan keImanan dan Taqwa kita, kita masih jauh keterbelakang dari yang seharusnya. Kayukuran saya bukan kepada China, USA, atau Cina, India, Iban dsb; benchmark saya adalah sejarah silam kita sendiri. Melayu pernah berpunya sejarah gemilang. Islam pernah punya sejarah gemilang. Dari dua sudut itu, kita kini juga masih corot, apa lagi mahu dibanding dengan USA, Britain, Switzerland dll. Kenapa kita jadi sebegitu, saya telah banyak menulis mengenainya, dan bacalah.

(14.2) Saya berpandangan, kelemahan paling menjijikan buat Melayu Sarawak adalah kita tidak berasa malu untuk jadi pengemis di bumi penuh rahmat Allah ini. Kita tidak malu betapa kita masih corot dalam terlalu banyak hal. Kita sebagai kelompok bangsa, kita tidak malu bangsa kita corot. Pendeknya, kita cukup "memalukan" Allah bila segala yang perlu sudah Dia anugerahkan kepada kita, sedang kita masih penuh tercemar bergelumang segala kelemahan.

(15) Apakah kekuatan yang ada pada kita? Kekuatan yang paling hebat, terhebat milik kita adalah Al Quran. Pasti ini anih kepada banyak orang. Sesungguhnya pandangan sebegitu, saya sudah jangka. Sebabnya mudah, ie lantaran kita lupa, tentang asal kejadian kita. Seawalnya, apakah kekuatan hebat Adam AS berbanding Iblis dan Malaikat. Iblis adalah mahluk Allah paling hebat pada suatu waktu dahulu. Sehingga kinipun Iblis itu tetap hebat. Iblis cukup hebat bila berdengki riak. Malaikatpun pada asalnya perlu berImamkan Iblis. Malaikat juga adalah hebat. Namun Allah tegaskan, ilmu adalah kekuatan paling hebat Adam AS berbanding mahluk apapun lainnya. Allah mengajar Adam AS ilmu. Tiada mukzizat lain yang saya baca telah Allah berikan kepada Adam AS melainkan ilmu yang mengatasi segala kekuatan Iblis dan Malaikat. Sehingga akhirnya, segala ilmu Allah itu terhimpun menjadi Al Quran.

(15.2) Al Quran adalah lautan ilmu. Al Quran mengajak dan mengajar kita untuk berilmu. Dengan ilmu, In Shaa Allah sepertinya janji Allah, pasti martabat kita akan menjadi lain. Cuma sayang, saat kita membaca Al Quran, kita tidakpun mengerti apa yang kita baca. Kita sekadar membaca; kita tidak berkecenderungan untuk mencungkil ilmu dari kata-kata Allah di dalam Al Quran. Biar Allah berkata, Al Quran adalah kunci kesejahteraan dan kemamuran hidup; jaminan kebahagian hidup, kerana kita tidak faham maksud sebenar jaminan itu, kita tidak mengkaji tentang itu, maka kitapun tidak dapat melihat apa sebenarnya jaminan yang Al Quran janjikan. Kita tidak mutlak yakin kepada Al Quran lantaran kita tidak tahu pengertian sebenar kata-katanya. Sesungguhnya, umat Melayu sedang jalan tempang di jalan Allah yang luas terang terhampar. Melayu sedang berjalan gaya pemabuk buta, bisu dan tuli. Kita berjalan melihat dengan kebutaan. Kita merasa dengan hati yang penuh bisu. Kita menguping dengan teliga yang tuli. Kita, sedang melangkah ke jalan gelap menyimpang dari jalan terang yang telah Allah suluhkan. Kita tidak kenal, kekuatan azali kita ie Al Quran gedung segala ilmu. Tanya apa saja, Al Quran sudah ada jawabannya, jika kita celik hati dan fikiran terhadap Al Quran.

(15.3) Saya tidak melihat hutan, laut, tanah luas, galian dsb sebagai kekuatan azali. Semua itu tidak azali, tidak hakiki. Segala itu kata Allah hanyalah pinjaman. Semua itu bukan kekuatan azali. Yang azali adalah ilmu. Ilmu yang mutlak azali adalah Al Quran, namun awas, saya tidak bermaksud literally. Hanya dengan memahami mendalami kajian tentang Al Quran dari semua sudut ilmu, maka barulah segala yang Allah hamparkan di depan, belakang, di atas kepala malah di bawah kaki kita akan menjadi kekuatan azali kita, jika dan hanya jika kita dapat melihat itu melalui kacamata ilmu Al Quran yang luas dan mendalam. Contoh, Sarawak pernah mempunyai lambakan kayu yang bermutu tinggi. Kini sudah pupus? Kenapa? Lantaran dalam mengurus semua itu, hati kita tidak berpandukan Al Quran. Kita menuruti kehebatan ilmu Iblis iaitu tamak. Samalah dengan minyak. Kita kaya minyak. Kita eksport minyak kita. Kini sumber minyak sudah susut. Kita jadi gundah gelana, kemiskinan dan kepayahan kembali menerjah kita; kenapa? Kerana semasa minyak banyak kita urus harta minyak dengan ilmu tamak dengki Iblis. Kita lupa Al Quran yang mengkehendaki segala diurus penuh zuhud dan saksama. Maka ubat segala keresahan dan kepayahan kita ada semua di dalam Al Quran. Di saat kita membelakangkan Al Quran, pasti segala musibah akan bertandang mudah.

(16) Melayu Sarawak mesti dan boleh menjadi Melayu hebat. Bukan saya yang menyaran sebegitu. Itu saranan Allah. Sebermula, Allah telah menjadikan Adam AS moyang umat manusia termasuk Melayu Sarawak. Beliau adalah hebat. Beliau menundukkan Iblis dan Malaikat. Allah mengaungerahkan Al Quran untuk pedoman dari Adam AS sehingga manusi di kala kapanpun. Al Quran mengajak dan mengajar manusia untuk menjadi hebat. Hanya manusia hebat akan bersama Allah di Syurga-SyurgaNya. Di sisi lain, keperluan kita untuk menjadi Melayu hebat seharusnya sudah jelas. Kita minoriti. Apapun, jika minoriti harus hebat untuk terus lestari. Allah menjadikan kedudukan minoriti itu adalah agar kita hebat. Kita jangan sekali-kali lupa kita adalah minoriti. Kerajaan pimpinan Melayu Sarawak harus jangan sekali-kali menjadikan Melayu Sarawak menjadi kelompok bangsa Melayu selesa, complacent seperti di Malaya. Janganlah Melayu Sarawak menjadi sekelompok bangsa subsidi, pengemis, peminta-minta, bangsa perlu payung-payungan!. Juga kita berada di sini, menjadi Muslim lantaran Allah mahukan kita menjadi khalifah kepada segala mahluknya di sebelah sini. Sebagai khalifah, kita wajib menjadikan diri kita hebat. Hebat kita mesti hebat di jalan Islam demi memperolehi barakah dariNya.

(16.1a) Melayu Sarawak sangat mampu untuk menjadi hebat. Melayu Sarawak tidak dijadikan untuk menjadi bangsa dayus, bacol, bodoh apa lagi miskin hina tidak bermaruah. Allah tidak menjadikan kita untuk bercirikan sebegitu. Allah mahukan kita menjadi bangsa yang berani, cekal, pintar, amanah dan jujur. Kita mesti menjadi sekelompok bangsa yang punya harga diri yang tinggi lantaran kita berdiri, berjalan dan berkerja kuat dan jujur. Kita mesti menjadikan diri kita benar-benar hebat, dan kehebatan itulah kemudiannya akan menjadikan kita hebat di mata dan hati sesiapapun. Jika kita hebat, siapapun mahukan kita menjadi payung kesejahteraan mereka. Keupayaan kita untuk menjadi hebat, seharusnya juga telah jelas. Keupayaan kita untuk menjadi hebat lantaran Allah telah membuka hati kita dan meletakkan Al Quran di depan kita. Al Quran adalah landasan kehebatan kita. Maka untuk itu:

(16.1b) Martabat Islam Melayu Sarawak harus hebat. Martabat Islam itu hanya satu iaitu Islam. Islam hanya berwajah tidak lain dan tidak bukan adalah Islam. Islam tidak boleh dipandang dari sudut lain selain Islam. Tiada apa seperti yang disebut sebagai Islam sederhana (moderate), Islam progresif, Islam totok dsb. Penghujahan sebegitu hanyalah sebuah kekeliruan. Yang dibawakan oleh Islam berkait soal kesederhanaan, progresif, adil, keamanan, dsb, itu adalah ciri-ciri Islam. Islam seharusnya berwajah Islam. Islam berwajah total. Sifat dan ciri-ciri Islam tidak singular. Islam merangkumi segala kebaikan yang Islam utarakan dan tersisih dari segala perkara yang ianya larang. Namun bagi tujuan tulisan ini, dan atas kepentingan masyarakat majmuk tropikal, saya cuma ingin melihat Islam dalam pengertian dan tujuan mudahnya iaitu membawa ketenteraman dan kesejahteraan kepada semua. Islam membawa kepada ketenteraman jiwa, dan kehidupan biar secara individu, keluarga, kaum, masyarakat, bahkan bernegara dan serantau.

(16.1c) Maka jika Melayu Sarawak ingin hebat di sisi Islam, maka kita harus menjadikan Islam bawaan kita itu menepati kehendak Islam yang sebenar iaitu menjurus kepada ketenteraman dan kesejahteraan kepada semua. Kita mesti dilihat hebat lantaran kita membawa ketenteraman dan kesejahteraan kepada semua. Ketenteraman dan kesejahteraan Melayu Sarawak berlandaskan Islam adalah penting. Melayu Sarawak harus melakukan serta berpunya segala ciri yang boleh membawa ketenteraman dan kesejahteraan kepada semua. Pastinya ini menuntut agar Melayu Sarawak untuk berpunya jatidiri Islam yang kental. Dalam masa yang sama, Melayu Sarawak juga mesti menyuburkan ketenteraman dan kesejahteraan kepada semua termasuk yang bukan Muslim sekalipun. Inilah tututan kesaksamaan dalam Islam. Itulah kehebatan dalam Islam. Hebat di sisi Islam adalah penting. Saat kita hebat di sisi Islam, maka pastinya Allah akan menepati janjiNya akan menjadikan kita hebat juga. Oleh itu, sebagai asasnya, pandangan kita terhadap dunia dan akhirat harus saksama. Kita tidak boleh memberatkan satu dari yang lain. Juga kita tidak boleh memisahkan satu dari yang lain. Allah mengkendaki kita kini hidup di dunia untuk akhirat. Sebagai mahluk dunia, kehidupan duniawi kita mestilah menjurus kepada kehidupan yang Islam mahukan. Saat itu kita amalkan, pastinya akhirat kita terjamin selamat. Samalah dalam pertimbangan kita terhadap diri secara perseorangan, keluarga, masyarakat malah Negeri dan Negara. Semua harus kita dipertanggungjawapkan secara saksama. Setiap sesuatu ada hak dan batasnya. Hak dan batas ini harus kita jaga agar matlamat ketenteraman dan kesejahteraan itu terjaga.

(16.1d) Kita jangan menindas. Kita jangan suka menyisih apa lagi sesama sendiri. Soal perbedaan pendapat atau pegangan hidup itu soal lain, kehidupan bermasyarakat Islami meluas harus menjadi keutamaan kita. Islam harus kita jadikan sebagai asas penyatuan Melayu Sarawak tidak kira asal mereka dari Kuching, Laut-Persisir, Sibu, Bintulu, Miri dan atau Limbang-Lawas. Kita semua adalah Melayu, kita bersaudara di sisi Islam dan kita mesti maju di dalam dan bersama Islam.

(16.2a) Pencapaian taraf pendidikan dan kemahiran tinggi mesti menjadi keutamaan Melayu Sarawak. Kita patut mengambil sikap berlumba-lumba dengan Alfred Jabu bila beliau dengan sebegitu passion mahu melihat setiap bilik di rumah panjang berpunya seorang siswazah. Cuba bayangkan, terdapat lebih kurang 360,000 rakyat Iban di Sarawak ini. Itu bersamaan dengan 72,000 keluarga Iban. Secara amnya itu berupa 4,800 buah rumah panjang di serata Sarawak. Alfred Jabu menyasarkan di Sarawak ini memiliki tidak kurang dari 72,000 orang siswazah Iban. Itu bukanlah angka yang harus kita cemburui, tetapi itu juga bukan angka harus kita perlekehkan. Kita tidak perlu iri hati dengan usaha murni Jabu kepada masyarakatnya. Kita tidak perlu takut. Itu hak mereka. Itu kita mesti akui dan terima malah mudahcarakan sesaksamanya. Apa yang perlu kita fahami adalah kisah SAW sendiri dalam soal ini. Cuba ingat kembali, SAW adalah seoarang buta huruf. Boleh dikatakan dia seorang "tanpa pelajaran". Siapakah teman-teman di sekeling beliau? Tidakkah dari Khadijah membawa kepada Ali Abi Thalib dan segala para pengikut setia beliau adalah dari kalangan mereka yang boleh membaca, menulis dan berkarya? Apakah maksudnya Allah memberikan SAW lingkungan sebegitu? Soal SAW itu buta huruf, Allah ada rencana terhebatNya tersendiri. Soal Dia mengelilingi SAW dengan mereka yang berpelajaran pada waktu itu, seharusnya kita mengerti. Sebetulnya, dengan adanya mereka ini di sekeliling SAW, maka Islam menjadi kekuatan terhebat pada masa itu. Sesungguhnya, Allah sekali lagi menegaskan kepada umat Islam; berilmu itu adalah asas kepada segala-gala kekuatan kita. Islam mewajibkan semua umatnya mengerti Al Quran. Latas sebetulnya, dengan keperluan sebegitu, sesungguhnya Islam itu mewajibkan semua umatnya ie 100 peratus umatnya berpendidikan dan berkemahiran baik. Cuma tidak ramai yang melihat sebegitu, lantaran mata hati kita tidak pernah kita buka seluas-luasnya.

(16.2b) Bagi memperkasa martabat keIslaman yang harus Melayu Sarawak pegang, maka pendidikan di kalangan Melayu Sarawak juga harus menjurus kepada nilai-nilai Islam yang Melayu Sarawak harus miliki. Maka dengan peredaran masa, serta mengambil fitrah betapa Allah tidak tidur dan Dia mahamengetahui, maka Melayu Sarawak juga harus berpunya ciri-ciri tidak tidur dan sangat mengetahui. Pernahkan kita bertanya "Apa benar Allah tidak pernah tidur?". Al Quran sememangnya berkata sebegitu, namun Al Quran tidak boleh dilihat secara literally. Maka,
"Jika Allah boleh tidur, bagaimana Dia boleh mahamengatahui apapun?". Ciri kedua, dalam soal ilmu Allah adalah sifat sangat menyubur menyenangkan. Cuba lihat pada contoh ikan emas. Jika kita faham tentang ikan emas, pasti kita asyik dan seronok bahagia. Pada keunikan ciri dan sifat ikan emas, sesungguhnya ada pengajaran dari Allah. Cuma indahnya ilmu Allah ini, jika kita berpunya sikap mahu mendalami akan misteri segala ilmuNya. Maka jika kita terbuka mata hati, sistem pendidikan kita haruslah menjurus kepada cara sistem pendidikan Allah iaitu menyubur, seronok dan mudah. Ketiga, dalam memberikan ilmu, bagi saya Allah sampaikan dalam dua bentuk. Pertama, secara big screen display. Alam ini adalah big screen display Allah. Maka terpulang kepada kita untuk melihat pada sudut mana pada kaca tv dunia itu. Keduanya, sebahagian besar ilmu Allah sampaikan melalui para nabi dan rasulnya. Kepada para nabi dan rasul ini, semua adalah bersifat wahyu. Wahyu Allah sampaikan bagaimana? Saya yakin hampir semua wahyu Allah datang 'secara angin lalu'. Maka jika kita dapat dan mahu berfikir, saya berkeyakinan sistem pengajaran dan pembelajaran umat Melayu Sarawak kini masih terlalu corot dari sistem pendidikan Islam yang Allah pergunakan.
(16.2c) Sistem pendidikan Allah: pertama-tama Adam AS dibikin di syurga dan dia pernah tinggal di syurga. Maka dalam fikiran ie otak Adam AS sudah tertanam ilmu ie gene ingin hidup mewah rahmat seperti di syurga. Kemudian Adam AS diutus ke bumi. Maka kita kini, biar siapa kita, Muslim atau tidak, semua ingin hidup seperti dan di syurga, kerana kita mewarisi gene syurga dari Adam AS. Perkara ini telah saya tulis sedikit waktu dulu. Allah telah memberikan kita gene ie ilmu untuk kita hidup penuh rahmat. Itulah hak dan rahmat yang Allah telah berikan kepada kita. Tidak ada siapa harus menafikan hak yang telah Allah kurnaikan kepada kita itu. Kedua, kepada para nabi dan rasul Allah sampaikan ilmu kepada mereka lewat wahyu. Wahyu sampai kepada mereka lewat 'angin lalu'. Allah tidak hadir sendiri duduk terselimpuh mengajar para nabi dan rasul. Biar kepada Musa AS di Bukit Sinai dan bahkan SAW semasa beliau ke Arasi, Allah juga menyampaikan wahyu kepada mereka secara 'cahaya'. Dan ketiga, tentang bukti sahih kebenaran segala ilmu Allah itu, maka Dia hamparkan cakrawala ini sebagai big screen show case yang boleh ditonton dan jerapi oleh sesiapapun yang mahu dan kapanpun tidak mengira dia berIman atau tidak.  Sehingga itu, did those ring your bell? akan seharusnya jalan yang kita pilih agar sistem pendidikan kita Melayu Sarawak menjurus kepada sistem pendidikan Allah?

(16.3d) Sesungguhnya, malang sekali kita umat Islam tidak dan belum melihat cara pengajaran dan pembelajaran sistem pendidikan Allah dari sudut Cyber Space Management. Sesungguhnya, dalam segala hal juga, kita gagal menyerasikan apapun cara kerja kita dengan "cara kerja" Allah. Saya berkeyakinan betapa kenyataan Al Quran, betapa Allah tidak tidur dan Dia mahamengetahui lantaran Dia berpunya Cyber Space Management yang mutlak unggul. Jika kita sebagai Muslim, dan kita benar-benar ingin menjejaki jalanan Allah, maka kita harus berani mengkaji Al Quran berasaskan fenomena alam yang Allah hamparkan kepada kita. Kita harus berani melihat dan menghayati tafsiran Al Quran dari segala sudut pemikiran manusia yang ada. Cuma di saat kita meneliti sains alam ini, kita harus mengikat segalanya dengan keperluan memperkukuhkan Iman kita kepada Allah. Masyarakat Barat sangat banyak bertanya-tanya. Mereka melihat kilat, mereka bertanya bagaimana kilat itu terbentuk dan untuk apa? Mereka kaji, dan akhirnya mereka menemukan rekaan yang boleh memperkasakan mereka, iaitu lampu kalimantang. Cuma khilafnya, pengkajian dan malah rekaan mereka itu tidak disertakan dengan keperluan untuk berIman dan memperkuatkan Iman.  ...... bersambung In Shaa Allah

(7.3) Politik Melayu Sarawak adalah ibarat telur di hujung tanduk. Dalam tradisi Melayu, politik adalah segalanya. Tanpa kuasa politik, Melayu bertanggapan, mereka pasti cicir. Benarlah sebegitu dari sudut tradisinya. Melayu sejak wujudnya bangsa Melayu, politiklah yang telah menjadikan mereka terus dapat bertahan. Namun itu, hanyalah pandangan dari sudut politiknya. Namun jika berpunya kuasa politik sekalipun, jika politik Melayu adalah haprak apa lagi lengai, Melayu juga pastinya tidak akan lestari kesejahteraan hidup mereka. Sesungguhnya politik Melayu Sarawak tidak lari dari Politik Ketuanan Melayu. Namun konsepnya mungkin jauh berbeza dari Politk Ketuanan Melayu Beraja..... bersambung In Shaa Allah

(7.4) Kedudukan ekonomi...... bersambung In Shaa Allah

(7.5) Sosio-budaya Melayu..... bersambung In Shaa Allah

(7.6) Jatidiri individu Melayu.....  bersambung In Shaa Allah.

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