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Aug 16, 2017
3/8/17 HUMAN CAPITAL CRISIS ..... Sarawak must take drastic correction move.

3/8/17 HUMAN CAPITAL CRISIS ..... Sarawak must take drastic correction move.

I was having tea with some friends yesterday afternoon. Since most of my friends are business people, definitely our focal of discussion was about the health of today business. We were indeed worried over the slow pace of business progress nowaday. We touched on the various entities that we are familiar with. First we were talking about Sarawak Plantation Bhd (SPB), which originally was started as SLDB to emulate Felda on the Malaya side. SPB was founded in 1997, through the privatization of SLDB where the Sarawak State Government (GOS) relinquished its majority shareholding to private entities with the intention to improve its business efficiency. Prior to such exercise, SLDB, I would say was going down the drain despite huge land holding privileges accorded by GOS. In its early establishment, SLDB operating similar to all public-based institution funding. Its meant to be a social achieving institution. Comparatively, SLDB was way far behind its rival the Sarawak Oil Palm Sdn Bhd (SOP) which operating within its neighborhood. Even after SLDB be turned into SPB, still it is way behind SOP. Even the sister company based on shareholding majority ownership ie TaaN Bhd whom started a bit later in the oil palm business, they are doing far better in the term of profit gain. Originally SLDB indeed was allocated among the best land in Sarawak in those days, yet they can't deliver the best result. Why?

(2) Then our discussion drifted to many others small and big companies in the State. While in LCDA I had been working with big number of companies, but sad to know, a lots of them are now in great trouble. Again why? We even talked on the State's GLCs. Most seem to be quite quiet. Why? Even the public agencies seem to be on the silent side. Toward the end, we come to the understanding that most of the slow or diminishing business growth problem currently faced by these companies and even GLCs, is due to one key factor: driver factor. Microsoft earn million of dollar by minutes, is due to Bill Gate. Apple made a revolution in term of today telecommunication and business model, was due to Steve Job. Taxis business operation worldwide changed due to Travis Kananick and Garret Camp. Indeed those names and companies I said earlier, they go robust at time of not a favorable world economic situation. Even if one is not too forgetful, Malaya and Sarawak, had changed to the current modern status was due to Mahathir and Taib. They had also operated at times of not world favorable economic environment. Today, be it in politic, business and bureaucrat, we seem to be lacking or diminishing of talented and capable drivers. Why?

(3) Driver is very important. A driver takes control where the plane, ship, car, train, even bicycle on how to get to a destiny. At times of turbulence, the driver is key to the next journey decision. In the modern economic and business discipline, a diver is term as entrepreneur, without which capital, advantages and talents can't be turn into gains. In Islam driver is the Imam. In today world, in this very complex environment, if we lost the values of leadership, craftsman, enterprising, Imam etc we are indeed going down the drain. We need all level of talented and credible drivers, at the top, middle level and floor level. Islam had made it clear, men must work within the neighborhood of an Imam, driver. Unfortunately, we are now experiencing brain heart drain of drivers.

(4) Surely there are many reasons for the cause of teh State drivers lost. First and foremost, our human capital development (HDC) had been slacking for quite sometimes. There is a serious gap in Sarawak HDC. I believe GOS had slowed down very much on HCD since 2002. The GOS financial strain in 2002-2012 (?) probably is now showing the degrading HCD effect. In 1990s, GOS unrelentlessly had been pursuing HCD where both the public and private sector come to great benefit. In the 2000s, such initiatives slowed to the end, I would say to nobody great interest. Institutions and worst GOS choses to pinch rather to develop in hiring its executives. Most GLCs followed suit. Worst, we sometimes come to the stage we even can't see our own talents thus we looked over the seas, at a very high cost and long term lost to ourselves. Instead of GOS producing talented and capable managerial personnel, GOS acted robing those from the market. So much so, I would say, there come to this stage whereby pinching had robed everything from the market and now we are dried of talented and capable of our own breed. The matter becoming worst when all those older dead wood being kept around depriving of the younger to have a chance to swim in the open sea. The younger managerial personnel, I would say had been demoralize. Not only they turned inert, worst, most defect the interest to improve themselves both in therm of knowledge and skill. They take the back seat in most matters, and not willing to be out of the safe zone. The young, I dare to say, they gave up for not expecting even to see the tunnel and the light what more the light at the end of the tunnel. GOS all these while had made an excuse to keep these old death woods around due to not having talented and capable replacement, to me it is nothing to such effect but a mere stingy-greedy patronizing excuse, which actually is the second key factor to our HCD gap.

(5) Personally I'm a strong believer in HCD. Even while serving the poorest agency such as the R&DO, I took all the pain to ensure my staff were well exposed and tested to their jobs. Even the general workers such as drivers, amah, securities etc were all given chance to be expose to beyond what they are used to do. I used to challenge the community leaders to be on their toes and do beyond tradition. Definitely, while serving the State Planning Unit (SPU) I made it a point to make sure those working with me were given the necessary training for them to be at the best expectation. I remember, I directed one of my very junior executive to attend a meting in Malacca on her own. The meeting was to be chaired by a Federal Minister, and she had to represent Sarawak. She cried upon receiving the instruction. I don't give a dame shit of her junior excuse. I just told her, you have to go, or failing which, I would consider you failed to serve the State. She then made all efforts to prepare herself and did well in the meeting. Thereon, she then had the courage to take any assignment given to her. Accordingly later while serving in LCDA, one of GOS GLC, I have no problem spending good some of fund to train my executives and the supporting staffs to gain the best knowledge and skills. I even sent a batch of LCDA staff to be drilled at the Singapore National University based on a special designed training package. I even sent a batch of executives whom suppose to handle our people related development to be trained in Indonesia using the World Bank Community Development Model. I made it compulsory for our plantation related executive to be trained and having Diploma Certificate in Plantation Management. I even got a very special treatment by Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia to send in as many of my personnel to do Post Graduate Study in economic and business management. I never believe in segmented responsibilities and talents realization. A very memorable experience to me, when after few weeks being hired as an accountant, I took our lady accountant to a field trip. Initially I drove the pickup. Upon reaching a plantation, I passed the wheels to her. She cried. She argue with me that she never drive big car. She never handle pickup truck. I don't gave a dam shit to her excuse. She had to made a u-turn on a very narrow road with deep drain on both sides. She struggled, she made it, and thereon she drove with full confident all the way for the next two days field trip. To me even an accountant, he must understand to translate figures into ground practices and realities. Unfortunately, when I left all these institutions, most of my trained people were pinched and counter pinching becoming a viral tradition, as the end result, we are left with diminishing and aging managerial generation. So much so, GOS has to resort to keeping death woods. We are now flooded with drivers whom over the journey keep slowing down due to energy and anxiety problem. This syndrome made the young becoming inert and couldn't careless.

(6) In Sarawak politic, Abang Johari by standard is a young man. He is healthy. I have not heard of his health problem. Personally he is an active person. He need all the energetic drivers to be with him to run the State affairs. Of course in politic, he has to make do with some death wood in the system until certain period. I would say in politic, Abang Jo is also experiencing none capable, none talented younger politician cycle. But in politic, the handling of HCD is not a straight forward matter. In politic, in its true sense, it is about building high echelon State leadership. Despite so, in the Civil Service, I believe he can take immediate and drastic measures. All need to be done by the GOS Civil Service is to get the much energetic and talented staff to be on the proper footing. Younger generation must be given some freedom to exercise and enhance their talents. Accordingly, the State private sector must also be dragged along to quickly build up their drivers at all levels. Pinching should not be accepted as a norm to gain the fast result. Let move to a much sustainable gains through proper nurturing, testing and giving people some freedom to perform.

(7) In Islam, let see the nature of all the prophets. In the early day of the world formal religions development, Abraham was helped by Ismael and Isaac to keep his people to the One God Piety seclude. Then in Judaism (older Islam), Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David and even Solomon, all were working with disciples. None of them worked in solitaire. Nasrani, then Christian (improved version of Judaism Islam), Jesus Christ (?) made the disciples much more prominent to help him to spread the teaching of Allah (Islam then). Definitely Muhammad SAW, he built hundreds of scholars surrounding him to help him to spread Islam and thus becoming his representation as governors and chief Judges all over Arabia. History had proven, once this drivers development diminished, the fate of the State are now left rotten in the drains. It is against the Allah natural law of growth if one practiced to be stingy in his HCD approach. I can't understand, why man must be cowardice in making the other men to be better talented and capable. In this world even Adam AS could only survived for 1,000 years old and even then he never being stingy to develop his people to be great. In the modern world history, no man can live for say 175 year. Most are gone by the 70s. Then why do today men now behaving not willing to leave better men to lead this State? What is the point of being stingy in HDC? Even Allah whom is the most invention, He taught man to be creative! Why do man then, containing His breath as his soul be so stingy? For sure, from my observation today and based on history, driver whom stingy to develop drivers, over time they live a pariah statute, for he betrayed Allah trust upon him to develop his people.

Kuching, Sarawak
22 August, 2017

2/8/17 AMANAH IKHTIAR MALAYSIA (AIM) .... ibarat langam tidak seindah lagu (DRAFT)

2/8/17 AMANAH IKHTIAR MALAYSIA (AIM) .... ibarat langam tidak seindah lagu (DRAFT)

Seronok bila kita mendengar orang menyanyi - lagu dan irama yang serasi, ie cara, suara dan senikata serasi dengan tempo muziknya. Jika pincang lagu dan irama, maka nak termuntahlah untuk mendengar nyanyian tersebut. Samalah, bila kita mendengar seorang Arab yang menjiwai Al Quran, bila membaca Al Quran, pasti cara dia membaca Al Quran akan sangat mempersonakan. Boleh menusuk dan mengetarkan jiwa. Sebabnya mudah. Seorang Arab, yang faham bahasa Al Quran (Arab Klasik) pasti jika dia juga menjiwai Al Quran tersebut maka cara dia membaca ayat-ayat Al Quran pasti berbeda dengan cara mereka yang hanya pandai membaca. Seseorang yang faham bahasa Al Quran, dan menjiwai Al Quran pastinya tahu perkataan dan ayat mana yang cara bacaannya bernada apa: marah, sedih, mengingati, berpesan, menasihati dsb. Samalah suatu sajak A Samad Said tidak akan sama caranya bacaan A Samad Said sendiri berbanding dengan yang lainnya dari dia. Pokoknya, Melayu ini sangat hebat, cuma hebatnya Melayu tidak bangsa ini hargai sewajarnya, maka kini kita banyak keliru bersebab semua kepingin menjadi pakar mengenal batu manikam sedang ilmu dan pengalamannya tentang segala jenis batu adalah tersangat cetek.

(2) Amanah Ikthiar Malaysia, disingkatkan menjadi AIM sebetulnya cukup bermakna jika maksud aim itu dimengerti dan dihayati penuh. Istilah AIM diterima pakai sebagai singkatan bagi institusi Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia, tidaklah semata-mata kerana A itu adalah singkatan bagi Amanah, I bagi Ikhtiar dan M bagi Malaysia. Bagi saya, AIM diterima pakai lantaran aim dalam maksud asalnya adalah bersifat menumpu; matlamat jelas iaitu aim dalam bahasa Inggeris. Amanah Ikhthiar Malaysia berpunya matlamat, focus yang jelas, iaitu aim to eradicate poverty. AIM ditubuh pada 1987 dalam keperluan Negara hendak mengimbangi antara membina kekuatan industri dan memperkasakan masyarakat luar bandar. Pada nama Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia ada dua konsep yang tersangat suci. Pertama Amanah, kedua Ikthiar. Persoalannya, siapa harus beramanah dan siapa harus pula berikhtiar? Dalam ertikata lain, siapakah yang disasarkan aim untuk beramanah dan berikhtiar? Juga apakah ianya hanya menyarankan beramanah dan berikhthiar ATAU beramanah dan atau berikhtiar? Harus diingat dan dengan dan atau membawa pengertian yang cukup berbeza biar dari segi perundangan juga pengurusan. Yang mana satu sebenarnya satukah AIM maksudkan tentang amanag dan (atau) ikhtiar? Persoalan ini, apakah pengurusan AIM faham dan atau sasaran AIM mengerti dan berpegang kepadanya. Atau persoalan saya yang lebih luas, sudahkan wujud masyarakt AIM kini? Dan jika ada, siapakah yang tergolong ke dalam masyarakat AIM ini?

(3) Saya yakin, melihat kepada cara kerja birokrat Umat Melayu kini khususnya dalam AIM, beramanah dan berikthiar yang hanya ditujukan kepada pelangan AIM iaitu orang-orang miskin sahaja. Yang perlu amanah dan berikthiar adalah golongan ini saja. Pihak pengurusan AIM tidak terikat dengan keperluan beramanah dan berikthiar. Mereka, saya yakin hanyalah segolongan manusia Melayu yang hanya makan gaji. Birokrat Melayu kini hanyalah golongan makan gaji. Mereka bukan enterpreneur-manager. Saya berani berkata sebegitu, dengan melihat kepada matlamat AIM seperti saya turunkan di sini; Mengurangkan kemiskinan di kalangan isi rumah miskin dan berpendapatan rendah di Malaysia dengan menyediakan pembiayaan kredit mikro untuk membiayai kegiatan-kegiatan yang boleh menambah dan meningkatkan pendapatan; Melahirkan usahawan daripada kalangan miskin dan berpendapatan rendah; dan Menyediakan kemudahan kewangan, bimbingan dan latihan berterusan kepada usahawan-usahawan dari keluarga miskin dan berpendapatan rendah. Matlamat itu hanya aim kepada pelangan. Di mana aim untuk pengurusan? Usaha untuk mengujudkan Masyarakat AIM seperti semangat asal penubuhan AIM tidak pernah terlintas di hati nurani pengurusan AIM. Jika kita mengambil contoh carakerja Jepun, Korea, dan Jerman, mereka mampu membebaskan rakyat mereka dari kemiskinan kerana akhirnya apa yang mereka buat semuanya menjurus kepada pembentukan masyarakat, community. Maka sebab itu, di Korea umpamaya ada keluarga Hundai, Samsung dsb. Jika di Jepun kita ada Toyota, Honda, Mitsubihi, dsb societies. Di Jerman, jangan dicakap. Gerakan koperasi mereka adalah sangat hebat.

(4) Hakikatnya, lagu dan irama AIM sangat pincang. Sumbang sumbeng, itu biasa, namun saya lihat sangat pincang. Saya berkata sebegitu, selagi semangat beramanah dan atau berikhthiar tidak pihak pengurusan AIM amalkan pada diri mereka, AIM bukan sahaja tidak mampu mengatasi masalah kemiskinan, bahkan AIM akan menjerumus asnafnya ke gaung kemiskinan yang lebih dahsat. Apa yang saya gambarkan selepas ini mungkin isolated case tetapi saya yakin ianya bukan case tetapi sudah menular menjadi cases. Pinjaman Mikro AIM sudah menjadi bahan rakus politik. Pengurusan AIM tidak melulus dan mengurus pinjaman mikro AIM berasaskan keperluan dan kelayakan sebenar asnaf AIM tetapi telah berubah untuk mendapat undi asnaf bagi mereka yang berkenaan. Itu satu hal. Hal yang lain, nilai professionalisma di peringkat pengurusan AIM kian sumbeng dan sumbang. Pengurusan AIM tidak peduli, apakah pinjaman mikro mereka diguna dan diurus seperti tujuan asalnya atau tidak. Yang penting bagi Pengursuan AIM adalah kutipan hutang boleh cecah ke 95 peratus. Bravo, kata orang Sarawak statistik untuk lawa ajak, pencapaian sekadar untuk syok sendiri. Pendeknya, yang disasar pembasmian kemiskinan dan penjanaan keusahawanan tetapi yang dibanga adalah kutipan hutang. Ibarat nasi yang hendak dikunyah, tetapi sup habis diseruput dulu. Persoalan mudah saya, apakah Pengurusan AIM sedar, asnaf mereka banyak yang meminjam dan membayar balik pinjaman dengan bergolok bergadai. Pernahkan Pengursuan AIM menyemak, kejayaan sebenar asnaf mereka berteraskan matlamat AIM? Berapa ramai dari asnaf mereka sudah jauh lebih miskin dari sebelum mereka AIM bantu? Pernahkan pengurusan AIM terfikir kenapa Kedai Pajak Gadai, Islam tak Islam terus berkembang dan maju? Kenapa Along terus wujud dan kian membiak. Bukankah itu petanda, AIM has lost your aim? Al asal balik tunggul!

(5) Sesungguhnya, Allah menjadikan SAW itu hebat, lantaran SAW itu sendiri adalah pendiri Islam. Dia pembasmi kemiskinan dengan dirinya zuhud. Dia pengerak peniaga hebat, dengan dirinya adalah usahawan, bukan kaki cakap tiori sahaja. Hakikatnya, beliau tidak membiarkan Islam kepada Umatnya sedang dia hanya bersikap sebagai juru sampai sahaja. Malang, AIM yang pada asalnya ingin bersifat berteraskan Islam, namun cara SAW membina Masyarakat Islam pengurusan AIM dan lain-lain institusi Melayu tidak nampak. Maka kita kini kian hanyut dari aim sasaran yang barakah.

Kuching, Sarawak
15 August, 2017
Aug 8, 2017


During Taib's era, the State had been embarking on numerous Projects based on Return In Kind payment. While such model was necessary at such period, it shouldn't be prolong. Indeed I was happy when Adenan, upon taking over the State leadership and surely due to political support deficit he inherited, he made a smart move by removing the few toll bridges in the State. With such he, then demand the construction of a a toll-free Pan Borneo Highway. He then stopped the illegal logging and new plantation land giving out.

(2) While Taib's made return in kind as his preferred choice, and definitely, as far as human being is concern, nothing come perfect from them, despite such, I would say and based on my observation, our practiced funding development by meant of return in kind indeed had hampered our healthier economic growth despite we believe otherwise. What had for instance the great economic growth effected by say the toll bridge of Salahuddin, Igan and Baram? Did Petra Jaya and Pending really experiencing high growth impact due to Salahuddin toll bridge? I don't quiet see much. Even the land used to pay in kind to the developer, to this day had not been fully developed. Similarly, did the Igan toll bridge gave great impact over both banks of the Rajang river serves by this bridge? Again I don't quiet see much. The plantation land given to the developer, I believe had not been fully developed despite since the last five years the price of palm oil was way above RM2,500.00 per tan, which is quiet feasible. The Baram toll bridge is just similar. Nothing much is progressing in Kuala Baram area. I don't deny there was growth, but more of temporal, not healthy indeed. The biggest mistake of Taib, I would say was, when he spent the State funds more to finance some strategic investments which were not even proven successful worldwide in trade off to the much needed strategic basic development funding. Say, to quote, the multi-billion (?) funding of the 1Silicon, indeed had deprived the State to say building may be 10-15 bridges and thousands kilometers of road that would help to open up our country side to a wider and much sustainable growth. Any way, missed calculation had been done either by design or ignorance, Sarawak indeed had experienced slow growth for the last 10-15 years. We should be able to learn from our past and never repeat as such any longer.

(3) In Malaya, the return in kind modus operandi had been replaced by Private Funding Initiative, PFI due to land shortage. Returns to developers are not in term of immediate cash, but deferred payment based on various models. One of the model was payment through concession holding. Such strategy was indeed what in the accounting terms as spreading the public (stretching) cash flow. Instead of funding a big sum onto just a few projects, the same fund can be stretched to finance more projects with a view of high confident on the future healthy cash in flow. The toll highways, bridges, airports, ports and certain public transport are applying such model. To me such application sound feasible due to potentially high cash inflow. Unfortunately the PFI had gone viral to fund public development that have high proensity of not even self financing. Worst the political greed and patronism had come to play.  Today, if one really analyze our Ringgit Health, our fund shrinking is due to all these types of funding.  Thus, PFI is only great if the Project is having the elements of self financing mechanism, failing which, the Malays saying ukur kain ke badan sendiri must apply and definitely prudential fund management must be in place.

(4) Though PFI is mostly practiced in Malaya, nonetheless as a Nation, Malaya debt is also Sarawak responsibility. The viral application of PFI indeed had made this Nation to shoulder high operating cost. Payment of debts, I would believe is now being treated as operating cost. PFI transferred public funding to private borrowing with the public as guarantor.  In return, indirectly, the public is now have to pay for all the high cost due to private commercial funding mechanism. Thus, the shrinking of today public funds is mostly due to the viral application of PFI. Definitely poor governance especially corruption added more salt to the wound.

(5) As per return in kind, I would say is worst then PFI. In this model, the developer is suffering from  multiple financial blow. First he need to raise fund to finance the Project given to him. Such warrant a commercial funding arrangement, mostly between 5-7 per cent financial cost. So with the completion of the Project, he landed with a Huge Project Debt. He then suppose to handle his debt through the return in kind. But such return in kind was not an instance cash out, so much so, then, he has to embark onto commercialization of his return in kind. To make his return in kind profitable, say if the return in kind is a piece of forest land, which was normally the case in Taib's time, he will make a total harvesting, but still due to all sort of reasons, the return will never be enough. He may ended with greater debt if his operation is not profit making. He then need to do the Plantation, and that would drag him to say 13 years of Second Huge Debt. Thus, historically, we can see, at Taib's time, he need to continue to support all these people so much so, he then being seen to have huge cronies, which not necessarily so. Taib indeed all along his tenure as the CM particularly 10-15 years toward the end, had to make lots of bail out. As people could judge, based on potentially wrong perception on Taib's approach, we then experiencing the politic of politicking. People were not seriously putting their heads together to do the best. The incumbents stay on as hard headed while the opponents enjoying doing the attack. No body indeed doing the required works, and thus people becoming inert. Sarawak had experienced this, and now on a wider scale the Nation is moving down the drain accordingly.

(6) Nonetheless, thanks to the opposition, be they right or wrong, Allah had then made Adenan to surface, and dare to be different and smart. Allah interest in Adenanself to me is and was simple. He is just interested to save His people doesn't matter who they are from all the potential miseries due to reason(s) not quite known to them. I remembered hearing Adenan saying Nok udah dapat, udahlah. Berik agik dengan urang lain which basically he meant enough is enough. Adenan mooted the concept of distribution which jived well into Allah's prerequisite of justice. In Allah's natural law, everything is in balanced and harmony once the element of distribution is well practiced. That is smart of Adenan, here on earth and In Shaa Allah hereafter as well.

(7) Today, Abang Johari, he said he will carry on with Adenan legacy. But I believe, he will do much more than Adenan. The most appealing to me is the idea of establishing the Development Bank of Sarawak, DBOS. In today world, World Bank (WB) is a brilliant idea of the Jews whom assembled all the rich and powerful Jewish banking resources to form the Reconstruction Bank (later as IMF) after the WWII to rebuild Europe. IMF then evolved to be the World Bank. The Jews, whom love to see their wealth to grow to no end, under the pretext to rebuild Europe and even the rest of the world, do benefit to the optimal to this day on the establishment of IMF and WB. The WB then had spurred the idea for the establishment of Asian Development Bank (ADB) and thus the Islamic Development Bank (IDB). Even China is now has established a special Development Bank to finance their interests in Africa, Asia and South America.

(8) In Malaysia, under Mahathir, the idea of Development Bank is nothing new. Exim Bank and even the Malaysian Development Bank were all meant to take Malaysia to the industrialization process even faster. Mahathir had instrumented the Banks to assist those capable and talented to grow to take Malaysia to the economic level we are now enjoying. Thus, accordingly, to Abang Johari's idea, I would love to give him a first salute. To make the Bank to work the best, it is now our duty to work on it. Abang Johari can't do much on lone ranger basis. Nothing is perfect, but there is nothing to stop us to work to be perfect. Indeed I can visualize, DBOS In Shaa Allah with clear determination and good governance, DBOS could be made into Borneo Development Bank (BDB).

(9) For Sarawak, we need to depart from both PFI and Return in Kind of development funding modus operandi. PFI should be limited to projects that has high potential for self financing. We should stop Return in Kind, RiK arrangement. RiK is not only high cost, it also imparts a non efficient resources management. RiK landed our resources in the hands of few whom now turned incapable. Despite their inability to unlock their assets, due to high cost of acquisition, they love to hold on it at all cost, which are counter productive. RiK is not an answer to promote sustainable healthy economic growth. Indeed it is a factor that impede long term growth. I dare to say, Sibu is now experiencing the impeding of RiK. Kuchig should be growing better if RiK was not practice here.

(10) DBOS can be a good source of funding for projects that would improve the people income level and thus as meant for the State to earn a long term income return as well. The people, the investor and the State must all benefit equitably from the presence of DBOS. JV between the people, the State and the investors capitalizing on the DBOS, should be an area that the State must look on for DBOS. Cheap and prudential financial cost, I would say is a move toward ribaless enterprises. If we work smart and determine enough, DBOS can evolve into the real Islamic Banking that we are really desperate of.  Islamic banking is about stability. Today financial world had been sucked up by speculative trading which incurred high riba. Allah hate riba. Riba curtail our healthy growth. DBOS can take on as a factor to pressure our present financial system to take nation building as their key business strategy. They can't just suck up, without mercy over the fate of the Nation. To me, in a way DBOS should be seen as the IMF the way the Jews are managing it, but minus the riba. IMF imposed high riba due to the fact that the world is indeed their healty cows. DBOS  operational model should be simple; let GOS becoming the Jews, the people are the World, DBOS is the IMF or WB. While the people (World) are being developed through careful funding of DBOS (IMF), the GOS (Jews) definitely will harvest laughing to the end. SubhanaAllah. As Allah said, nothing that He created or sustained that give no benefit to everybody if one dare to think and insaf. The Jews, despite Allah disliking of them, their presence is nothing but to impart good benefit to those really have the piety Iman on His Allahuakhbar. In business, the Jews are very prudential except, their riba is the thing that Islam forbids. With DBOS, plus prudential governance, Sarawak can comfortably moving forward in more stylist and independent manner. In Shaa Allah.

Kuching, Sarawak
8 August, 2017
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